Baby girls is 4 weeks old – she has been a great baby so far, very chill and easy. The kids are so helpful and are loving her and constantly want to hold her.  Sleeping – just one middle of the night feeding around 3am so I am surviving but would LOVE to get up and get back into the workout routine! I’m just a nicer person when I start the day that way. I’m also super laid back about it right now because I’m tired!

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<where am I???>

I workout when I can. If I do workout, usually I don’t find the time to make dinner or something else that I should be doing. In fact, I could use a dinner delivery service for the next 2 months! That time of day always seems to be stressful!  I have been trying to make easy meals, and do a rough meal plan over the weekend because I find it to be easier for me to stay organized! We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary this weekend and were at the shore, so meal planning started Tuesday.

This week’s plan was ~
Tuesday – warmed up garlicky chicken from freezer that a friend made + veggies and OSG quinoa patties for me
Pasta Fagioli. Basically I opened the freezer and took out whatever I could warm up and threw together some patties for myself.

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Wednesday – naan bread pizza with hummus and veggies
Thursday –  fish tacos (mahi mahi) with black beans, sweet potatoes and avocado

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Friday  -Mushrooms Marinated and zucchini parm. Zucchini from the garden…
Saturday – happy 4th – have to round up some yummy BBQ food!
Ooh I made an adapted recipe of MInimalist Baker Cheesecake Cups. So delicious!  We have been buying a ton of cashews and soaking over here! I used pecans, dates, almonds, oatmeal and coconut oil with maple syrup for the crust and followed her filling recipe. Yum!

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In the past few months, I discovered a raw cafe, here is their taco salad! Yum!

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They offer lots of kale salad options and dressings. One that I made a ton while I was pregnant was massaged kale salad with avocado, yum!  Another one of the salads at the cafe was ranch – and when I tried that, I wanted to make it!  I didn’t stop there – the Detoxinista’s cookbook contains a handful of great recipes, my favorite is the Everyday Basil Vinaigrette,

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.37.22 PM with basil from my garden!

Love this dressing with raw veggies!  Here are a few recipes that I want to try with my favorite here below:

Rawtarian Ranch Dressing!

Creamy Tahini Dressing:
Raw Apple Cider Vinaigrette:

Do you have a favorite homemade dressing?



  1. Those bars look great! I know I keep saying this, but you’re doing so great!! It has taken me THIS long (6/7 months) to even get some semblance of a workout routine going on!!

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