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Time is flying and baby girl will be 6 weeks old this coming Wednesday! She is a good baby, much easier than my two girls. I’m following Baby Wise to a tee, I wake her up at 7am everyday (I never had a set wake up time with any of my kids but this seems to be key to my day/knowing the schedule every day), she eats at 10, 1, 4 give or take. The evenings are a little tricky. Sometimes she eats every few hours until 9pm when I put her down, but she’s been sleeping great, so it’s working.  I feel like I know what she needs when she is crying most of the time, but that crazy time of day I’m still trying to figure out. She eats, stays awake for a bit and goes to sleep after 45 min to an hour.  If she is overstimulated it takes longer and is harder to get her to sleep, otherwise she likes to be on her belly to go to sleep and is using a pacifier most of the time.  She is sleeping 7-8 hours at night, which has been amazing! Her older siblings are big helpers and love to hold her and talk to her. It’s really cute, and much easier than having smaller kids to have 3 that can help!  

Mom –

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Six weeks for me means I can swim in the pool, wooo – that was a tough one with an early June baby! I’m lacking in sleep (and muscle tone – yikes!!), but it’s getting better. I had one day where I was able to get up around 6 and do a workout – however by 2pm I was a tired cranky mess! I’m hoping since she’s sleeping so well, I’ll be back into a routine soon. Here and there, just about every other day, I get in workouts which is just enough to be something.  I feel sort of sad knowing this is our last baby – I walked into Babies R Us and just thought, hmm.. why didn’t I embrace pregnancy a little bit more the first time (and all the times after)? It’s such an amazing thing (but so scary to an active person). I was so scared at the changes to my body, and not super comfortable with all of it! I didn’t want or have a baby shower (the first time) because the thought of sitting in front of people 8 months pregnant and opening gifts was daunting! Wish I did now! It’s such a celebration of an exciting time!  I committed to running the Boston Marathon 2 months after my due date to ensure I would get right back into shape. After #2 I signed up for a half marathon, #3 I ran Broad Street 10 days later (insane). Fast forward to #4 and I have committed to nothing! I’m taking it easy and trying to maintain my fitness. I just wish I took a little more time to enjoy, now that I will not have another pregnancy!  There’s definitely a little sadness here, but happy that I have younger siblings that will hopefully have lots of babies!  Heather had a great post last week about how pregnancy changed her for the better. I totally agree! 

Last, I have about one goal a day – whether it be a recipe, a workout, cleaning something in the house, doing weeding in our garden (first time we are actually trying hard at this), something with/for the kids – that I try to accomplish. Anything else is a bonus!

Meal planning for this upcoming week. Meal planning even now really helps me to stay organized, save money, and not question at 5pm what’s for dinner! My go-tos for myself are kale salad with ranch and pumpkin seeds for dinner and Hilary’s burgers with raw veggies and basil vinaigrette for lunch. I need some more variety though!

Sunday – BBQ
Monday –  lasagna from the neighbors, best!
Tuesday –  Leftovers! from the freezer

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Wednesday – Birthday girl chooses dinner! Pizza!
Thursday – mushrooms & biscuits (minimalist baker) – with falafel! 
Friday – grilled portabellos with nachos and leftovers!
Saturday – Bday party, for #2 – turning 5!  Leftover beef & broccoli (detoxinista) for me!

Last week I made the Detoxinista’s Zucchini Lasagna  – was delicious!

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Round 2 of Minimalist baker mac & cheese, delish!

And these delights, which I will be making again, they’re gone!

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What are you making this week?



  1. So happy to hear you made them, and even happier to hear you’ll be making them again. Thank you for the feedback, made my day! Xx

  2. Aw! I can so relate to this post! We just had our last (baby 3) and I feared my body changes the first pregnancy and never enjoyed it much either– though it’s amazing and gave me 3 wonderful little people!

    I also love babywise and have used it for all 3! Anyone that gives it a bad wrap hasn’t taken the time to read it. My babies cried much less than people I knew who didn’t do it– and because of it, I usually could figure out quickly why my baby was crying. We’ve stuck with the follow up books which have helped with toddler/ older ages and obedience too. Highly recommended!!

    Congrats again!

  3. So happy to hear things are going well, and as always, you inspire me with your meal planning. Dinners around here are so unorganized. I try to make two big crock-pot meals throughout the week, and Chris and I usually eat them for a few nights. Kids might eat them if they are into beans or lentils that week. 😉 Otherwise, we just kind of throw things together last minute. I keep telling myself that when family dinners get a little more calm and routine, I’ll be better about meal planning…so maybe in five years or so. Ha! However, those vegan nachos look and sound amazing. Tortilla chips are and forever will be my favorite food on the planet.

    Still can’t believe you ran Broad Street 10 days after Baby #3. Wow, I think all I was doing at that point was running straight to the coffee pot. Glad you’re enjoying and soaking it all in this time around. #4 is our last one too, and 20 months later, I am having baby fever in a major way. If only I was five years younger…

    Take care friend. Hugs to you and all your babies! 🙂

  4. I definitely could have done a better job getting my baby on a schedule. I think it took me 6+ months to really get a solid routine down. Also, what a great sleeper! Mine slept from 10:45-4 am for the first time last night and I am already jumping for joy, lol.

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