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I had the opportunity to try out the Gear Beast Wristband for iPhone6.  The one that I tried is called “Case Compatible.” It fits with different cases, and is made for the otterbox. I have a thinner case than otterbox but it fits nicely, with a little extra room. The case features a velcro strap to go around your arm, and it doesn’t slip. It comes in 4 different colors – I have purple.  Any bands I have tried in the past I have had to take off the case in order to use them but the Gear Beast Wristband is super convenient in that I can just put my phone with case right into it.  The case has a lifetime warranty (can’t beat that) and is as comfortable as a large phone can be on your arm while running.  I don’t really access my screen while I’m running but it seemed to be easy to push the buttons and use the screen as needed while in the case.  There is just a bit of extra space since I do not have the otterbox.

You can find this case on Amazon for $15.99, or if you are looking for a different phone case, take a look at their website! You can also find lots of other running products there too!


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