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Our littlest one celebrated 2 months old this week! She is so cute! Smiling, coo-ing, playful. Super predictable as far as what she needs. She sleeps best in her crib and works best on a schedule.

At 2 months, I wake her up around 7:30, and she eats just about every 3 to 3.5 hours. After she’s been up for about 1 hr 15 min, she is tired, and I put her down for a nap – then wake her to eat whenever it’s time. At night, she goes to bed early!
Dream feeding didn’t work for me, so she goes to bed between 7-8, and wakes up around 3:30/4 am. A couple of times she slept until 5/5:30 or 6, but not consistently. I’m excited for when she stretches it to about 5:30, then I can just feed her and head to the gym until she wakes up again at 7:30 🙂 Overall the kids love her and she is doing great!

2 months schedule

7:30 Wake up time, feed
8:45 Nap
10:30 Feed
11:45 Nap
1:30 feed
2:45 nap
4:30 feed
hope for a catnap in here – but this is tough!
between 7/7:30 feed and put to bed!
10 pump (before I go to bed)
4:30 on average – feed and pump other side
Start over again!

sometimes the catnap looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.56.36 PM

other times in the carrier, swing or just doesn’t happen at all :/ evenings can be tricky!


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Mom updates~
Good days and bad days! Good days usually means I slept enough and have enough patience to not make an outburst or lose patience 🙂 “Mom, mom, mom… wahhhhhh” – everyone is calling me at once, baby needs to be fed, or we need to get out of the door, and I’m trying to listen and hear what everyone is saying. It can be tough! I am trying to soak it all up, and get sad often thinking how quickly the baby is already growing, but more how quickly the others have grown. One night I went to kiss/tuck in my girls and they looked HUGE to me. Like they grew overnight! And my son – I am trying to enjoy the bedtime routine with him before he doesn’t want me in his room anymore :/  I’m trying to savor the time that I have with them being little – it goes so quickly and I can’t believe it.

I have been trying to work out 6 days again. A workout could be 20 minutes long or an hour. I try to get in something 6 days and take off one. I’m a little discouraged by my stomach right now, but I know it’s early on. I don’t remember this the last times postpartum but my belly just has all this fat ? extra skin? and is a sad story!  I’m eating well but definitely trying out recipes and eating lots of nuts – maybe too many!  Trying to be as active as possible but definitely sit down a ton to rock, hold, feed 🙂
Just trying to enjoy this time and not worry about it – but a little hard with it being pool/beach season!

I found this blog post interesting and think I did a ton of planks and sit ups this pregnancy – oops!

Here’s a workout from BP that you might enjoy
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I have mostly been doing quick cross fit type workouts with running!



  1. Happy 2 month birthday to your baby!

    Perfect timing with this workout post. I was lying in bed contemplating working out before the kids got up. I did it and it was great!

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