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10 weeks old
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bondi band and in the jogger!

Last week was our family vacation so we’re back up and at it this week. Family vacation with kids turns into lots of extra hands to help out and lots of time with the fam!  Family vacation with a newborn is not so much vacation but still was great to be away!  I definitely didn’t get in as many workouts or good eats as I wanted, but we did involve the girls in our workouts 2 of the days, which was really fun!  My little runners are very interested in running too!

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So it’s the week back from the beach and I’m declaring it a week of salads. No one feels like cooking after returning from vacation right? I’ll share a few recipes that might fall into my meal plan if I happen to find the time, but otherwise I’ll be throwing together some easy salads, starting with tonight’s Mexican salad! So, please share your favorite salad recipe that I can add into my rotation this week as summer nears the end – nooo!!


Mexican Salad – black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, red pepper, celery, red cabbage = rainbow!
With this lime dressing that was great! and some chips.
I looked at this picture for my inspiration – photo credit to the website

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Another one that looks awesome: photo credit The Garden Grazer

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Monday – mushrooms and biscuits from minimalist baker

Tuesday Greek night?  with pitas

photo credit – five heart home

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Wednesday: mahi mahi tacos with…

Panzanella – a fave with zucchini, tomatoes, croutons and sometimes feta.
The baby’s middle name (Siena) is named after a panzanella lunch date that we had in Siena in 2006!
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photo credit

What other favorite salads do you have?

Here are some recipes that look good too!
Thursday and/or Friday ideas ~

Cookie + Kate Peanut Sesame Slaw
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Cookie and Kate Enchiladas!

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