If you are tired of listening to “How much longer?” and “Are we there yet?” and the fighting that ensues on long car rides, visits to the doctor’s office and anytime kids have to wait, you will want Amanda Morin’s book: On-the-go fun for kids!  I was sent a copy to review – I included this book in my back to school roundup! All opinions are my own.

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On-the-Go Fun for Kids! is a paperback book that offers 100 engaging activities including word puzzles, scavenger hunts, games, imaginative play and more.

The chapters are Car Trip Games, Planes and Trains, Hotels and Vacations, Things to do While you are waiting around, Shopping Trip Games, and Bonus Activities for Work-From-Home Days. On the way home from the beach, we did some of the abbreviations – such as what does SWAK stand for? It shows a picture as a hint. How about SOS? We also enjoyed making our own license plate, and doing a scavenger hunt and bingo at the grocery store.  You can print a printable grocery store bingo here.  Amanda includes this link in the book. The book has found a home in my purse for anytime we are waiting around or I hear “I’m bored” which has happened a lot this summer! There are so many resources mainly app ideas and websites that she lists in the book along with an idea.  Here is a preview of some of the pages, from Amazon’s sneak a peek.

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This book is comprehensive – she thought of every idea possible. It is well written and would make a great gift for any child who is traveling! The book is currently under $10 on Amazon.   My kids will be each have one of these for our next road trip!


Amanda Morin is an education writer and a special education advocate. She is the author ofThe Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education and The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book. Morin is also a contributing writer for Parenting Special Needs magazine and on the editorial team of Understood.org. Her work has been featured on the National Center for Learning Disabilities website, Education.com, PopSugar Moms, and About.com. You can visit her website for more info!


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