On my back to school roundup, I included the Virus Zero, a portable air disinfecting system.

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Virus Zero uses Samsung SPi technology to send disinfecting ions into the air, which cleans the air by neutralizing the structure of germs and other contaminants, so the air becomes clean and remains clean.  The system is also beneficial for allergy sufferers.  I was interested in trying one of the Virus Zero units because my son has severe seasonal allergies, and I was sent a sample to review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

With all of the germs floating around in schools, moms are always looking for ways to prevent illness. The Virus Zero is the size of a travel coffee mug, and is able to get 99.7% of germs and contaminants out of the air.  In doing so, it reduces mold, dust mites, pollen, smoke, animal dander, fungi, amongst other contaminants.  Cleansing ions are flowing into the air to disrupt the contaminants in the air.  The whole system works with very little noise, which is awesome.

Our Experience

My son suffers from seasonal allergies as I said, and usually when he wakes up in the morning, he is all stuffy. Since placing the virus zero in his room, he is waking up feeling much better and with little stuffiness.   It is hard to determine whether it is working or not, but this was one sign.  As I said above, it is a very quiet unit. It is just enough to provide a little bit of white noise in the background. I actually would not mind if it was a little louder, because I am in favor of white noise for sleeping!

We tried it in the car to lessen the smell of plastic floor mats and after 48 hours the air was noticeably clearer. In the kitchen, I often make broccoli and when you walk into the house, it smells awful.  We brought the virus zero into the kitchen and ran it and the smell dissipated !  We also tested it out after making curry in the kitchen and it worked great to clear the air!  And last, after my mother in law visited for an extended period with her puppy, the dog smell was cleared out quickly by the Virus Zero.

I think this product would be fantastic for a cubicle at work, or to bring on a car ride – it includes an adaptor for the car!.  It plugs into the wall or car, and does not need filter changes which is huge!  The one that I tried is portable and cleans up to a 230 square foot room. I read that it is also good for smokers to clear the air.   I would definitely be interested in using the largest unit to clear the air in our entire house, and I think this would be a great product for allergy sufferers. When winter comes around, this will be a great product to have on hand.

I have a 25% off coupon code for you, good through 9/31/15. Use code 25Runner2015 at viruszero.com. You will be happy you did!


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