Good morning! Between the start of school and sports, making lunches, and getting to tasks and projects that sat around all summer,  I haven’t found the time to sit down and blog as much!  I am a little behind on the meal plan scene but I have been loosely making plans!  Those will be coming up later!

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I have some other news to share ~ After 6 years writing for Examiner, for Philadelphia Running, I received this email back in August:

Thank you for your participation as an Examiner on We regret to inform you that we are terminating your status as an Examiner, effective immediately.  Your account has been deactivated.  We appreciate the time, effort and consideration you put into this work, but we feel that your content is not the right fit for at this time.  

 Any amounts you have earned pursuant to the Examiners Independent Contractor Agreement and License you entered into with will be paid to you according to our usual payment schedule and the terms of the Payment Policy.

 Any questions or concerns should be directed only to Please remember that pursuant to the Examiners Independent Contractor Agreement and License, any and all communication that you receive from (including this email) is confidential information, and that such provision survives the termination of your status as an Examiner.


I had just started moving my material in the week before to another blog because Examiner is not user-friendly. It was almost impossible to size a picture to their specifications so usually I would skip the picture, and then they made it a requirement. It took up a ton of time to just post an article with picture – and sometimes I would start it and go back to it, and I would have to re-login and lose it all!  And, I was making around $5 this year!  In spite of all that, no one likes to get an email like this! I was infuriated. It was basically a mass email they generated not even signed by a person. I started writing for them a few months after my oldest was born. I would go to races and videotape and take pictures while I ran and then spend hours on the race days gathering local results.

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It gave me opportunities to run races with a comped entry and write about them, to meet and interview winners, and to do reviews. It was a fun experience getting to be up close!  My most popular articles were race results and running and pregnancy in each trimester.  They started deleting older articles (which were probably my best ones) to make room on their server.  The first 2 years I made around $500 but then it started to become more streamlined and you could make less money for the same things.  As each year went on, it was harder and harder to actually make money from it and this year my earnings were around $5!

 I did write a follow up email and again got a source email back:

From the earliest days of, we have strived to provide our readers with the best and most trusted user generated content available. This was achieved by providing resources and feedback to writers, a pleasant user experience, and a publishing tool that was intuitive.  


Since then, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way our readers consume content. For better or worse, preference towards shareable, media-rich, and easily digestable content has become the norm. As our content initiatives have changed, we have had to make some difficult decisions. While we appreciate all the time and energy you put into your writings, please remember the decision to part ways is due to the content not being the right fit for, not your readers

​ as a whole​

. no longer supports the previous model welcoming all writers of all topics.

Again, we wish you success and hope you continue your writings utilizing other platforms.
Thank you, 
It was probably for the best because I have my hand in so many things, but I’m actually horrified with the way that they handled this! And wanted to share it.

Have you ever received a communication like this to tell you that you would no longer be working for a company?



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