The beginning of the school year hit me like a whirlwind!  I started doing photography again, started getting up at 5/530 to get to the gym when the kids went back to school, and routine is back!  We started sports this weekend.  I set off to get things done when I am at home, but the time at home with just the baby napping isn’t super long! I haven’t accomplished much – which is fine! We also were at the shore the 2 weekends after school started soaking that up!

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I’m finally now just getting into a routine of getting lunches made before dinner so that I’m not making lunches at 9pm!  For a couple of weeks there, it was just go-go-go until I passed out at 9:30! Now I might be getting into a routine, maybe!

We bought these lunchboxes for this year to try out –  Bentgo Lunch

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I started with one and was trading it off, but they both loved it, so we got one for both of them.
We were previously using Easy Lunchboxes – which I also would recommend.
The difference here is that you can’t fit a sandwich in that large compartment. We don’t do sandwiches too often, so when we do I use the other containers.  That would be the only downfall. It snaps closed and is leakproof. I’ve put applesauce and yogurt into the long part, I usually put their gummies into the middle – I don’t know what else could go in there – it is SO small.  I don’t like that I’m stuck with the sizes that it is cut into versus the Easy Lunchboxes, but I like the system. With the Easy Lunchboxes, I would use containers of all other sizes, and silicon muffin cups to put a bunch of stuff into a large part.

Which lunchboxes are your favorite? And what are you packing for lunch?
Our go-to lunches are:

  • turkey & Cheese roll ups
  • cream cheese and jelly roll ups
  • PB & J
  • crackers and cheese
  • crackers and sun/peanut butter
  • granola bars
  • fruit
  • clif z bars
  • nuts/trail mix
  • muffins

I’m sort of already bored! But using 100 days of real food for ideas.

For meal planning, I found an app that is OK called Meal Planner. Do you have one that you like?

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Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.59.10 PM

Here’s the meal planning for the week!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.57.51 PM

Monday – Pasta Fagioli and Grilled Cheese (back to school night!)
Tuesday – mahi mahi, potatoes, broccoli
Wednesday – black bean burgers, butternut squash mac & Cheese
Thursday – honey sesame Chicken, rice, carrots
Friday – make your own quesadilla
Sat & Sun – out/leftovers



  1. Nothing like back-to-school to kick the meal planning into gear!! We also started using a grocery delivery service through our local grocery store (the $3 delivery fee was worth it’s weight in gold if I don’t have to bring my 2 year-old to the store) and that has really forced me to meal plan better!

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