Good morning! It has been hard to get up early recently, but when I do, my day is immediately off to a better start.
I like to be woken up on my own accord – not by one of my kids staring at me or talking to me when I’m dead asleep as if I’m awake – this doesn’t go over too well!

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My early mornings started in high school when swim team was at 5:30am. I remember those mornings vividly – my dad had the lucky task of driving me to practice.  That was our bonding time and rides I’ll always remember. The swim team sported shirts, “we do more before 7am than most people do all day.” I loved those shirts!  For me, it was pretty easy to get up early, and it felt natural! In college, I rowed crew for a few years and again had the early wake ups!  As long as I get into the routine of getting up early and going to bed early, it is easy for me!

After graduating college, it was kind of a no-brainer to wake up early and get in a workout before going to school to teach – and I loved getting it out of the way!  It feels awesome to start your day energized and with a strong workout behind you already!

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Lately, it’s been harder to get super early – I pump at 5/530am to keep my supply up and sometimes stay up, or go back to sleep until 6am, then get in a short workout!  I’ll post soon about why I’ve changed my 1 hour workouts into 20-25 higher intensity workouts! And, if I need the extra sleep, I sleep! I won’t sacrifice losing sleep anymore to get in a workout because I pay for that the rest of the day.

Why do I get up early? 

It is energizing!
I feel ready to face the day.
I have more patience!
I’m a better mom.
I have a clear mind.
I can think about my goals for the day before my kids are up.
It’s quiet.
I’m more focused as I start the day.
I like to see the sunrise.
I know there’s no excuses (except sleeping in) and nothing can get in the way of my workout if I get up early. I can’t say that if I wait until later in the day. Something always seems to come up!
There’s more time for everything else!

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And it’s backed by research, too!  Successful people get up early! Are you an early riser?


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