It’s been 5 days of plant-based eating and I have some thoughts for you! Remember back in 2013 I did The Plan – this would be a similar review and almost a comparison.  The premise behind this book is 3 meals – no snacks, and all plant based eating. You are also supposed to supplement with moderate exercise. The meals in the 22-day revolution are easy to make, and for the most part, satisfying. I like the meals better than those on ‘The Plan’ however, I have found that I need more protein to stay full – so I’ve added nut butter, pumpkin and hemp seeds to meals to help me to stay full.

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The portion sizes are uncertain.  Some recipes say the number of servings, but most do not – so you’ll make a recipe and be uncertain if you are supposed to eat it all or just a quarter of it, or half of it. This is pretty important and sort of vague in the book.

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2 desserts are allowed in 3 weeks. One  thing that I loved about the plan was that it was realistic in terms of coffee and dark chocolate. You could have an ounce (if I remember correctly) of dark chocolate daily, and after 3 days could drink your one cup of coffee daily. I have still been drinking coffee on this revolution, and still having my dark chocolate. I don’t think it’s realistic to skip a treat or have something to look forward to.


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3 meals a day – this doesn’t really work for me, and I don’t think it’s good for blood sugar. The book says you can snack, but should try not to. I prefer to eat every 2-3 hours when I’m hungry.  Some of the breakfasts are so filling (ex: chia pudding, quinoa) that I didn’t need one in the morning, but the stretch from lunch to dinner, I definitely needed a snack (except the day that I accidentally ate the 6 inch pizza and then realized it was 2 servings. Oops!)  If I’m hungry, I eat! Otherwise I overeat.  So I think there are 2 discrepancies in this book – the lack of clear cut portion sizes when you are making these recipes and the lack of snacks – I think they should be built in and include variety. I need fun things to look forward to like peanut butter balls!

walnut taco salad:

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My husband is doing awesome – he’s a meat eater – on this, and finds it easier than “the Plan” which actually included meat. I think the meals are very easy to make, and I’m enjoying the variety that I’m getting into my diet. I’m using it more as a cookbook at this point picking ideas that sound good than a strict diet plan!

pico de gallo:

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We liked the cauliflower (roasted) with pumpkin seeds, the pizza looked like cardboard but was edible! the green lean juice was awesome, and the walnut tacos pretty delicious!!

Overall, I’ve added some of the easy recipes to my routine, and have really added variety to my breakfasts which I needed. No more mindless snacking this week and picking at dinner or recipes while I make them (haven’t been making them).  I like the premise behind the plan better to have enough protein in your meal to stay full, and testing what things work for your body. I learned so much from that book!  This book is more about giving me ideas for variety!

Have you tried a plant based challenge? What was your favorite meal?


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