Baby girl is 5 months old!

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This past month was a HUGE developmentally for her – rolling, grabbing and reaching for objects and putting them into her mouth, and now starting to sit up. She is so sweet and such a happy girl. Loves attention from her siblings and smiles ear to ear (with a dimple too!) when you talk to her.  It took seriously this whole last month for her to return to her normal sleep patterns from the 4 month sleep regression (it’s real!). It was impossible to get her to go to sleep on her own, and I used the Ergo a ton to get her down for naps. The key now seems to be to put her down after she has been awake 1 hr 45 min, and she’ll go to sleep on her own in the crib and take a good nap. Phew! Long month of 30 minute naps and Ergo carrying. She adjusted well with the Daylight Savings time too! The kids love her and she’s such a joy! Can’t wait to see her continue to learn and do more each month. It’s so fun!

Mom updates ~

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Not sure where my mojo has gone! My motivation is totally lacking. Monday morning I was up at 5am with the time change and picked out a workout, and just didn’t feel like doing it (???) I have been eating super healthy, but eating when I’m not hungry :/  I got out for a run solo outside for the first time (In forever???) 2 weekends ago and it was amazing. I ran only 2.5 miles, and had shin splints after that, but it was glorious. It’s the little things.  The treadmill and workouts in the basement aren’t really cutting it 🙁 I need to see people and go to classes – my goal for this month. The time change is key in this goal!

I’m home a ton for naps and it is boring and makes me a little stir crazy and the mindless eating comes into play. I watched the end of the NYC Marathon Sunday and then a picture from Marine Corps w/ my sister popped up in my time hop the next day and it made me feel nostalgic! It feels like so long ago and at this time I can’t say I could find the time to train for a marathon.  4 kids is a lot.  I’m a bit overwhelmed most of the time with everyone’s needs and fitting in the time for myself too.  I feel like a full time nanny would actually be warranted so I could take everyone where they need to go and get in my solo errands too! 🙂  Wouldn’t that be nice? Just an extra person sitting at my house to stay home with whoever didn’t have to go out would be fantastic! I am crazy about being home for the baby’s naps so that my day goes smoothly, but with 3 other kiddos, that can be tough!  She gets more fun everyday and I love seeing her grow!  It will all be worth it in 7 months!!


Halloween was fun!  I took a cue from my bestie twin and got in costume (Target hoodie)
here w/ my silly cousin in her baby onesie
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As far as meal planning this week, B made the lentil/cauliflower tacos from Food Babe this weekend – not a huge fan.
We are working through them and trying to repurpose.

made pumpkin pancakes halloween breakfast!

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Monday – kids had sweet potatoes, brown rice pasta, carrots and smoothies. We had the lentil/cauliflower salad
Tuesday-  mushrooms & biscuits (kids won’t eat the mushrooms so this dinner ends up being biscuits)
Wednesday – quinoa bake? have lots of quinoa and trying to use up what we have instead of running to the grocery store!
Thursday – pitas, hummus, olives – mediterranean plate – or breakfast
Friday & Saturday – we have company coming


Made Zahav’s amazing hummus last week. It’s a process but totally worth it!

Made some healthy treats with amazing grass chocolate as the chocolate (with coconut oil) and filled with peanut butter and vega on the inside. Healthy nut butter cups!

How was your Halloween? What is worth mentioning for you this week?



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