Our first week of chores after our first family meeting went well! Our second family meeting is scheduled for today.  We switched the jobs around and picked out the snack this morning, using pinterest! The kids will get their allowance for the week and new chores for the upcoming week.

A large part of the “Me, Me, Me Revolution” is spending 10 minutes with each child daily – one on one.  I’ve read this idea elsewhere and loosely tried to follow it, but it usually tapered off.  This is one of my resolutions for 2016!

I started it in late December, and I really like it. I set a timer on my phone and put my phone aside – screen free time!  I feel less guilty when I need to get things done, because I know I have my 10 minutes with each child.  I also feel like I’m connecting with each child daily and giving them their time!

We are going strong, but I will say it is HARD during the school week to set aside 30 minutes after school to take time with each of them! After playing the game “Sorry” 3 times in a row and “Princess Memory matching” 3 days in a row, I started making up rules that you have to pick a different thing each day, and it has to be different from what others have selected!   That has made it a little easier.

Do you do one on one time with each of your kids daily/weekly?




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