About a month ago, when it was time to move on from bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes, I couldn’t wrap my head around making the time to make baby food.  Getting out my Super Baby Food book which is broken down by the month of what you should feed your baby and portion sizes. I just couldn’t get to it! I started giving her toast with hummus, peas, crackers, broccoli (that she devoured)…whatever I could grab and safely give to her!   A few nights she woke up in the night with a rumbling stomach.  I wasn’t sure if I was giving her enough, or giving her too much. Too much too soon? Too little and not the right foods?  This is my fourth child, what am I doing here?  I woke up and I realized that I had to sit down and have a system. Everything in my life follows some kind of routine or system – that’s just how I’m wired (which is sometimes unfortunate for my husband) 🙂

so…I dusted off my well loved Super Baby Food book! 

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Honestly, I do not remember who told me about this book, but it is my bible of feeding.
I remember giving my son “super porridge” made of different grains with almond butter and broccoli for breakfast almost daily from 8 months into his toddler stage. He is our best eater. I slacked a bit with the girls and they wanted no part of that breakfast, but we’re back! I’m making the time to cook the purees that she suggests by month and following the serving sizes.  Her book also includes loads of recipes and great ideas for homemade items – I remember making my own wipes when I just had one baby (haha!) among other things that  I tried that were awesome in this book. A must buy for any new mom 🙂

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For freezing the purees and using cubes of them as needed, I use these silicon ice cube trays. They are awesome! In the past, I have used plastic and it was near impossible to pop them out. These ones rock!

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At 7 months, baby K is eating some combos along with homemade oatmeal and brown rice purees and silken tofu. Fruits and veggies:


So far she’s a great eater!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.42.20 AM

What is your go-to book or schedule for baby foods? Or did you just give them whatever you were eating?






  1. I fall back to a few things — oatmeals, roasted veggies, etc. I sometimes eat them, sometimes not. I admit I let the organic baby food companies handle a percentage, although he’s getting to eating what we eat more and more now.

  2. I have the same book and love it! Slacked a little bit with my second child (pickiest) but my first (6 years) is a good eater and my third (10 months) likes everything so far!

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