Little K is 8 months old today!

Over the past month I have been having name regret… I love the name Juliette so much -but my husband and I couldn’t agree and he wasn’t on board with it. Baby names are so hard!  When I used to draw my kids as a child, I always had a Summer and Ashley – kind of funny to remember. I do still love the name summer, but there was no agreement there either:) I loved naming my kids as a child! I had 4 girls. Not too far off 🙂

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At 8 months,

baby K had a huge month – she started crawling just over a month ago and now is crawling so fast all around! I really have to watch her, and we have a playpen to keep her away from little pieces (especially legos). We haven’t had to put up gates yet but that is going to be in the near future.  She also got her first 2 teeth (bottom 2) this month, and said her first words (dadda, mama, lots of babbling too).  Everything goes into her mouth! She is showing interesting in pulling up, and doesn’t like to sit still. Glad we traveled a few months ago and have no other travel planned 🙂

She loves her big brother and sisters. She is very happy and sweet and you can get laughs out of her from Peek-a-boo, quick movements, dancing and singing.  I love rocking her & holding her when she’s really tired, and she’s been really attached to me this month. Only I can get her to calm often – which can be challenging but she’s also my last one, so it is okay!

Her bedtime moved up to between 6:30-7 and that is what time she usually wakes up also. She is nursing 4 times throughout the day, and has 3 meals! We switched from 3 naps to 2 naps this month and had a few sleep challenges thrown in as well. Naps are 1.5-2 hours normally!

Each month brings new foods – this month she can try almond butter – so far, she liked it and had no issues! There are also some new fruits and veggies that she can try, which is always exciting. She is a good eater!

Mom updates

Everyday life…K is my first baby with kids in real school and places to go. When all were in pre-school it was definitely a bit easier. It’s hard getting her fed and her meals in along with getting the older kids out the door and off to where they need to go.  Each month as we get closer to one and her eating meals that we are eating, it will get easier! It’s also on the other hand nice to have some one on one time with her. Sometimes I feel like I’m running around with no head. I burn toast often, and other things that I’m making – and I’m pulled in every direction. I have to close my eyes when I look around my house and realize that things won’t always be in disarray (if you saw my post this week, you’ll get that 🙂 ) Right now I feel like nothing is organized, the house hasn’t had a deep clean in months, the floor is a mess, toys and books and kids clothes are everywhere, and I just have piles of things everywhere to go through. I’ll get there. There’s something about the last baby that gives you a sense of calm because you know you need to cherish the moments before they go away. The wash can wait. The dishes can wait…

Workouts/body… I have a sense of calm about this too which is a change for me. I’m fitting in 25 minute workouts some days but not all, and it’s OK. I do barre workouts and HIIT workouts. I ran 2 miles one day last week. Nothing is consistent, but I’m consistent in being active most days. I feel very close body wise to where I was before I got pregnant and I feel strong!  My eating has good days and bad days but overall, I feel healthy.

Emotional… I am extremely emotional! My oldest turns 7 this week. My 2nd one will be in school full day next year. I am holding onto every moment and there are tears. I look back at old videos and pictures and want to turn back time. You can bet I am letting the little things go and breaking some of my rules while I enjoy our last baby!

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