healthy eating blogI have been really digging shiitake mushrooms lately! Did you know that “shii” is Japanese for the tree that they are grown on, and “take” is Japanese for mushroom?  Shiitakes are incorporated into the dinners of The Plan by Lyn Genet and I had them often when I was following that plan. They are a favorite, but they are expensive! I buy them from time to time. This recipe that Chef Chloe posted inspired me to buy them again and ever since I have been craving them all roasted!  Let’s look at the health benefits of shiitake mushrooms and then a few favorite recipes!

Shiitakes are a fungus. They are high in copper, pantothenic acid and selenium. They contain lentinan, which is an antifungal protein that has been found to have cancer-preventing properties.   Studies have also shown that the spores of shiitake mushrooms are also beneficial.  Shiitake mushrooms are a plant based source of iron, while being anti-inflammatory and high in B vitamins.  Buy them firm – not soggy or wilted.

My favorite thing to do with them lately is what is being called Shiitake Bacon!
I’ve tried Chef Chloe’s recipe which is pretty basic with olive oil, but Kathy’s recipe over at Happy Healthy Life looks amazing and I want to try that with my next container of them!



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