The lil peanut is 9 months old!  The time goes by fast and slow, right?

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Baby K
Over the last month, Katelyn has shown some personality. She’s a feisty little one. She started making a spitting sound when she doesn’t want anymore food or is done nursing. That cracks me up. She also started to throw herself back in the high chair, and in her crib if she wants out.  She is pulling up on everything! Found the stairs, the fireplace, and everything and anything she can pull up on – she is keeping me on my toes!  Everything still goes into her mouth. She likes to suck her finger or thumb sometimes now as she is getting teeth in, and loves when you do raspberries on her tummy, it cracks her up!

My 5.5 year old big K is her little mommy. She watches over her, picks her up and moves her places if she isn’t safe, and plays with her. She is very helpful, while sometimes overly helpful too <3. I have to watch my 3 year old because she sometimes is a little too rough and gets really close to her to test if she’ll sink or swim (fall down, etc). And my oldest is really cute with her but the baby seems to like to climb him and bang on his head often, so that makes him nuts 🙂 She also likes to get into his boxes of legos and disperse things all around. The legos scare me and I wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night sometimes thinking she might have swallowed something – that is probably the worst part.

She is such a happy girl. Exploring everything and figuring out what is around her. It is so fun to make her smile and laugh. When she gets into the bathroom and tries to get into the trashcan, she’ll hear my footsteps and freeze. Then she sees me and starts laughing. It is hilarious! Happy happy baby… and hope the teeth come in soon!

Sleep:2 naps (9 and 1pm usually) – ideally 1.5-2 hours. She has been waking up SO early, I think from teething (5:30/6am). Bedtime between 6-6:30pm (which is so hard).

Eats:Katelyn is a good eater – she eats mostly anything that I give her, 3 meals a day. She nurses 4 times a day, but is losing interest really quickly. She is good at the morning and night sessions but during the day she is spitting at me pretty quickly (which is frustrating!)  I also got into a bad habit for a couple weeks of nursing to sleep. That was a little killer and took forever to get her to sleep for naps and bedtime.
Eating: mango, banana, loves peas!, broccoli, apples, pears, zucchini, carrots, beets, oatmeal, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, peanut butter

As far as having a baby with older kids, I think it can go both ways. It is easier because I have help and extra eyes, but harder because they have activities and places to be. I think it will get easier as she has less needs!

Mom updates

I’m tired. But I have this extra energy in knowing I won’t be going through the baby stage again (only as an aunt and cousin!) It is bittersweet.  I am cherishing as much as I can, and taking tons of pictures of milestones and our everyday to document this time!  For the most part, she is such a happy baby, and a joy to spend my days with!  Sometimes I can’t believe I’m back to the baby stage, and days can be totally insane, but all worth it in the end. I think that my kids will appreciate having each other in 10,20, 30 years. And we will never be bored!

The early wake ups have taken away my great start to the day – work outs! But I squeeze them in either when she is playing, or when she is napping. In February, I was craving sugar ALL THE TIME. And eating tons of chocolate. When March hit, I decided I was going on a cut the sugar challenge, and 2 smoothies a day to get on track. This is helping big time with cravings, and getting me where I want to be! Workouts have been HIIT and little running.  Lots of nuts, fruit and homemade juices throughout the day, and veggies for dinner!

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for spring. The other day it was in the 60s, and both of my little ones napped at the same time. I had an hour – AN HOUR!! of time to myself, in the sun. I did some running in the yard and a pushup workout.  It was AMAZING. Days like that make me smile.  If I can squeeze in some ME time, I feel good.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.46.40 AM.png

And that’s that.  9 months is a milestone 🙂





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