I’ve been going through all of my newborn stuff to see what is in good shape to sell/save for family/donate, and wow. It hurts!! I KNOW we are done having kids, 4 was the limit! But it sure is a weird, sad and bittersweet feeling knowing that my childbearing years are over. I feel like it was so crazy with the first 3 so close together that I was really in survival mode. Some days were insane, and I didn’t know which way was up. Now with #4 being 3 years apart from #3, I am able to enjoy her so much more, in ways I kind of wish I could with the other 3 though. At the same time, I love that they are so close together because they have each other. It’s so sweet how well they play together most of the time.   I’ve been trying to document our days more than I probably did in the past.

I went through about 2 years of wondering if we would try to have one more baby and that was tough! I knew that my indecisiveness meant I wasn’t done, but part of me just wanted to have another to start over again.  My determining factor was a glance into the future. In 10 years, what do I envision?  I always thought 4 was the magic number – evening it out so there was not always an odd man out.  I had to get my husband on board with this one (not going to lie).  I would have wanted to have #4 really close to #3 but #3 was tough!! While it’s been a trip back to newborn days and starting over when we were just getting to a point where everything was pretty easy, I don’t think we’re going to regret it in the future.

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At this point, I realize what I really wanted was to go back in time and make the kids little again!  The years have flown by. To have a 7 and 6 & 4 year old this year seems crazy – and really sad!  Just last night our oldest said he wasn’t really into listening to us reading books at night anymore. He just wants to read his own books :/

When you knew you were all done having kids, how did you feel?

If you were indecisive about having more children (we’re not!)  – what did you decide and how did you decide?




  1. Ha!!! Giving clothes away still breaks my heart. And every month I am still hoping I will have a child but then there are times when I am so thankful that we have just two!


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