My hormones are all over the place after I dropped a feeding, the baby is eating more table foods, and I am nursing less and getting closer to dropping another feeding in the near future. All of these temptations which I usually have no interest in are calling my name – Easter candy (gross!)??  Chocolate chips out of the bag?  Sure, why not!  Eating when I’m not hungry?  Ahh!  My skin is breaking out and I feel all over the place.  I am making a point to start the day with warm lemon water and to get back on track and fight against my hormones!wellness blog

Here is a way to start your day! Take half of a lemon (I usually buy them in bulk) and squeeze into a glass of warm water. The warm water wakes up your system first thing so make this the first thing you drink/eat in the morning! Here are the benefits of warm lemon water:

  1.  Lemon juice aids in digestion – helps with heartburn and bloating
  2. Helps clean out your system by stimulating the liver – liver cleanse!
  3. Full of vitamins! Lemons contain Vitamin C, B, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium & fiber.
  4. Clearer skin – antioxidants found in lemons are good for your skin.
  5. Healthy weight – lemons contain pectin fiber which fights cravings.
  6. Reduces inflammation. Ahh, a favorite of mine! Drinking lemon water daily will help fight free radicals.

Start a new habit today and drink lemon water when you wake up!

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How do you start your day?


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