Baby K is 10 months old!

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Baby updates

She is the sweetest baby, very happy & easygoing for the most part.

She also has a feisty side when she doesn’t get what she wants – she likes to throw herself on the floor, or against her crib, yikes! I’m afraid of what 18 months will bring!
This month, she learned how to do kisses, clapping and is starting to wave. I love all of these little things, especially the open mouth kisses! She is crawling and could win a crawling race. She takes a lot from 3 older siblings – being picked up and carried around, touching her in the face, getting too close – and she wants to do everything herself! We have the gates up, and she is pulling up on everything. Dinner prep includes a baby holding onto my leg 🙂  She hasn’t stood on her own yet but I see it coming in the very near future – and then taking off to walk, which is scary.

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With the older kids around and legos and other small things, she finds everything! I have pulled a handful of things out of her mouth.
She is an early riser lately – and early to bed as well!
2 naps, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
K is a great eater, her favorite food is avocado!

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Mom updates

I have been so emotional because time flies!  I look back on the newborn days like they were yesterday but also 10 years ago! 10 months flew by and yet it also seems like such a long time ago that she was a newborn.  I have been going through all of my clothing bins to get baby stuff in order for my sister. She is expecting her first in September! Going through those bins hurts. Like really hurts! Tears!  I’m sad since I won’t have a baby again, except nieces and nephews !  This is such a fun age, and up to about 18 months, I love how they are learning so much day in and day out!   I can’t believe my oldest is 7, with an almost 6 year old right behind him. I miss the days (that were crazy for sure) when the 3 older ones were tiny. It’s just not the same anymore!  If you are a mom of the littlest ones, enjoy enjoy enjoy, write everything down!  And know that things calm down and then you want them to be little again.

Things are getting easier with less feedings (4 throughout the day), 2 solid naps (1.5-2.5 hours) and a good bedtime routine finally! I was nursing to sleep while she was getting teeth, and that was so bad for all of us!  Every now and then I have to do it, but otherwise she goes to sleep on her own. I’ll be sad to be done nursing, but also it will give me more freedom. It’s bittersweet!  Once I am done nursing, besides needing a boob job (ha!), everything else seems to fall into place with my body! Right now I feel like dropping a feeding has messed with my hormones so I’m trying get some balance back!





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