That year flew by! A year ago, my baby girl was born!


She is a joy! The happiest baby! She loves grabbing her feet – happy baby pose!


The kids fight over who gets to go see her first when she wakes up in the morning and from her nap, they love her so much!

She started walking last weekend, and has taken off since then 🙂

Wake up time at 630/7 am, with 2 naps – 9 and 2pm. Bedtime around 730/8 typically.

A brief summary ~


Dear Katelyn, 

You make me smile and laugh everyday. I love your smile and babbles. I love giving you kisses, tickles, raspberries, and making you laugh. I love holding you and watching you learn! I wish I could freeze you at this age 🙂

This is a bittersweet milestone. I LOVE this age. She is adorable, learning new things and repeating things everyday. She’ll pick up a brush and brush her hair. Watching everything, listening, and learning. I love it!

I stopped nursing just this week! I was nursing only in the morning, I dropped the night time feeding a couple of weeks ago. I had a week of hormonal drama, but I think I’m back to speed at this point!  The end of nursing is bittersweet too!  A bit more freedom but less connection – and she’s my last one!  I am giving tons of kisses and enjoying the moments! I kind of want to go back and start all over again becoming a mom knowing what I know now and most especially how time flies 🙂

Happy Birthday to my baby!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.16.55 PM.png

I haven’t had a chance to post very much lately, but keep reading and following, I will continue to add meaningful content as I continue to learn and share!







  1. Sandy Fonash Reply

    You are the greatest mom in the world!! You inspire new and not so new moms (me). Thank you for always bringing moms of all ages such joy in being a mom. XOX

  2. Happy birthday to your little one!! My son is 18 months — so sweet to watch him learn!!

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