Happy New Year!

January is always a good time to set goals and to reset.  I am hoping that you will join me in a 7-day detox challenge starting on Monday, January 9th. Each day will have a focus and I will send a daily email. I will also post on a private Facebook group and try to answer questions.  I’m hoping that I can help you to detox your home little by little to make 2017 your cleanest year yet!

The breakdown:

Monday: Learn how much water you should be drinking daily.
Tuesday: Reading your food labels.  Detox your pantry.
Wednesday: Let’s cut out sugar!
Thursday: What should I be buying organic?
Friday:  Detoxing your cosmetics & cleaning supplies.
Saturday: Medications.  What are some other options?
Sunday:  Now that you have the tools, DETOX your body.

fruit and vegetable rainbow
Rainbow Image Credit by nutrijen.co.uk

Join me by signing up here!

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