A few years ago, I offered a free mini session to kick off the spring photography season. I received messages left and right as to who deserved this session – it was unanimous – a woman named Rachel Fox Paster, who was a young mom battling cancer. We met for this session in April 2014 and it became a life changing experience for me.  Rachel was a 2nd grade teacher and at the time, and her son had just turned two.  She was vibrant, positive and full of energy.

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Chemicals are killing us

With the diagnosis, Rachel researched and changed her diet and things in her home inspired by FOOD BABE. Food Babe brings to light all of the chemicals in our food supply and everyday products.

Sadly, Rachel passed away in June 2015.  When I saw the news that she had passed away, I was shocked and angry.  How could this happen to a mom and wife with a small son?   I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
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Fast forward a few months and my sister sent me an educational series called “The Truth About Cancer.” I watched as much as I could of this series when it was live and learned so much.


Chemicals in our food and everyday products are causing cancer.  

Medications further suppress our immune system.  

Chemo has a very low success rate.

Doctors obtain money for prescribing chemo.

Fear tactics are used to get patients to move quickly to start chemo. 


From then on, I made it my mission to share and educate about health and nutrition.

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Yesterday would have been Rachel’s 36th birthday.  Thank you for the inspiration, Rachel!   I wish I could have found this information sooner!






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