Coffee is consumed in such large quantities around the world, making it the second most consumed beverage in the world!  Although caffeine gets a bad rapport, studies report that coffee has great health benefits.  Coffee beans contain antioxidants and are linked to decreased risk for diabetes, cancer and depression, and improved heart health.   Some key things to think about are the quantity that you consume, and the type of beans.

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best nutrition blog

The antioxidants in coffee have great benefits against disease and boosting the immune system.  Drinking coffee also helps our bodies to eliminate waste regularly, and supports a healthy liver function.  Coffee has also been found to improve athletic performance and to increase blood flow to the brain.

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Each cup of coffee contains anywhere from 80 to 200mg of caffeine.   Consuming one or two small cups of coffee daily seems to be beneficial, but more than this can cause adrenal stress due to the caffeine content.  Overdosing on caffeine can overstimulate the body and make the body depend on the caffeine fix. This is what happens when you skip your morning coffee and the headaches and jitters set in.


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Coffee is sprayed with pesticides and is actually one of the most contaminated plants, so if you are going to drink coffee, buy organic coffee.  Another thing to keep in mind if you use a single serve machine such as the Keurig or iCoffee is the heating of plastic coffee pods or reusable cups is not safe. Heating plastic releases chemicals that are then leached into the coffee and into our bodies when we drink it.  Consider using a French Press or standard coffee machine with a glass beaker.

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