Over time, the Easter bunny realized that to keep going and keep the kids healthy that filling baskets with loads of candy wasn’t the best route!  Lately kids have been seeing fun other things on Easter instead of chocolate and peeps and jelly beans, and they LOVED it!  Here are some things that my kids would enjoy getting in their easter baskets!

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1. There are so many fun books out there for all ages.  My girls love these fairy books that come with a necklace!  BLING BLING!

2. POOL TOYS!  Summer is around the corner and a refresh of summer and pool toys is nice!

Flip flops and sandals also make fun small basket treats!

3. Hair accessories or sports accessories for boys.
Wiffle balls are always a hit to replenish!

best healthy mom blog

4. A favorite treat. We love Justin’s!

What do your kids look forward to in their Easter baskets?


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