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Essential oils have many benefits for various things. I selected a set of three essential oils – Happy Blend – from Destination Oils.   This set contains Sweet Orange Essential oil, Lime EO and Ylang Ylang EO.

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Sweet orange EO is derived from the outer peel of an orange, which as you might know, is high in Vitamin C.   Orange oil has been shown to fight cancerous tumors, increase circulation, kill bacteria and pathogens, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms and improve complexion among other benefits.  (Source)  Even though this came from a happy set, I am hoping to use this oil in homemade cleaning sprays!  Try adding 10-15 drops to a mixture of a few drops of Dr Bronner’s soap and the rest water – it smells great and works nicely to clean surfaces!

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Another oil that can be added to homemade cleaners for a great smell, lime oil is very versatile. It has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, and to be calming, and has also been shown to be a strong immune system booster. Lime oil is also known for protecting wounds, fighting viral infections, and killing bacteria. This is another EO that would work and smell great in a natural cleaning solution. (Source)


What the heck is ylang ylang?  This essential oil comes from the flower petals of the tropical ylang ylang tree.  This EO is best known for healing skin and thickening hair. It is also considered an antidepressant, which is why you will find it in the “happy” collection that I selected.  Ylang ylang is known as a mood booster. (Source)

best health blog

I picked the bracelet above which diffuses the essential oils. Inside is a little ball where you can drop a few drops of essential oil and then it diffuses out through the open spaces.  This is a neat piece of jewelry making it easy to inhale the essential oils!  My two favorite other ways to diffuse them are using a room diffuser or using a carrier oil to dilute the EO.

What is your favorite essential oil?



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