I started running after college to stay in shape – once I ran my first marathon (2004), it became an addiction. I enjoyed the long runs, and ran just about 7 miles a day, most days, on the treadmill, before work which was about 1 hour of running before 6am.   I felt like I had to run, and run long, to stay in shape. I was in my top shape by the time #2 turned one, and signed up for 2 marathons that year, after completing a triathlon as well and loving it!

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Then what happened – I got pregnant! I was disappointed in terms of performance and freaking out in terms of having a 1 and 2.5 year old and a baby on the way! I still ran the marathons, but once #3 arrived, she did not sleep through the night.  I still ran, but runs became much shorter. I didn’t have as much time and marathon training seemed impossible – so I have not ran one since!


Fast forward to baby #4, I needed something fast and effective to get back in shape after she was born.  I happened to see a transformation from a friend of a friend and wanted to know what was behind it – it was the 21 day fix!

I did some internet searching and found videos and blog posts of the workouts and was able to piece together most of the workouts through videos that I found online. Eventually, I bought the DVDs for the 21 day fix extreme and went between the 21 day fix and fix extreme for months until I became bored.  The changes were awesome!  While running never gave me tone, I gained muscle tone in my abs, legs and arms. For 30 minutes a day, I was strong and toned!  I rarely run, but I am starting to get the itch to do races again, and I enjoy running with my 7-year old who loves to run.

Eventually, I signed up for Beach Body on Demand, it is access to all of the programs for $99 for one year! I have bounced around between P90x3, Hammer and Chisel, more 21 day fix, and more recently tried Core de Force. All of the workouts that I select are around 30 minutes and I find them to be effective, safe and pretty awesome!  I do not sell Beach Body, but I highly recommend it for busy moms and anyone that has limited time or does not have a gym membership.


I have never tried Shakeology or looked much into it. I find there are lots of great clean choices out there if I want to use a protein/super food powder.

And that is my experience with Beach Body and how I went from running a ton to getting back in shape and adding tone through 30-minute workouts.  Have you tried Beach Body? What did you do to get back in shape after having babies?






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