This holiday season crept up on us, and here we are at the end of November. It seems like everyone has their decorations up even earlier this year as Thanksgiving was earlier.  The holiday season brings extra stress for many, as well as lack of sleep and some poor choices. Remember to take care of yourself during this time, and load up with healthy food as much as possible!

Clutter stresses me out. In our house, we have toys coming out of every corner, some that are barely used and some that are used often. As the kids are becoming older, we have tried to donate some toys that they no longer play with, but there are still so many. During this time of year and birthdays, I try to think outside the box for gifts, or think really hard about which gifts will inspire creativity and be used again and again.   My holiday gift guide reflects these ideas!

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Little Passports Subscription.  Little Passports offers four different kinds of subscriptions which can be gifted for one month up to one year. The science one looks really neat, but they also have a world edition, USA edition and early explorers edition based on age.

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A similar subscription program with science and art is KiwiCo with multiple options.

Highlights Magazine. A subscription to one of Highlights Magazines would keep the fun coming all year long. They have many options including hidden pictures, puzzle buzz, the original Highlights magazine, and High Five for younger children.

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Kids Cook Real Food Class. This class is a great way to get the kids in the kitchen and learning all of the skills to be self sufficient cooks. This is a video course with three levels, and you can select to do all 3 levels, or individual levels, at your own pace. The organization is fantastic, complete with curriculum guide, lesson plans, shopping lists and recipes. You could also gift cooking tools along with this for a fun gift.

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Toys that Inspire Creativity

This is a STEM certified toy, Geomatrix, that inspires creativity and can be used again and again. They do not take up too much space and the kids always go back to these to create.  Check out my review here.

STEM club

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This is a neat subscription through Amazon with STEM toys delivered monthly.

Necessities – socks, underwear, bathing suits.
Practical gifts! We loved these organic high quality underwear by Bloom. 
top health blogPhoto Album, photo book or Scrapbooking kit.
My girls are getting to the age where they want pictures printed and they love making collages. A scrapbooking kit or album to put photos in would make a fun gift, or a photo book that they could flip through always excites them.

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Personalized Book  Kids love to see their own name in books. These make for a fun gift.

Craft supplies. Washi tape, markers, crayons, glitter, special pens for writing or drawing, and sketchbooks. These are used often and the kids love having their own set.

What are your favorite gifts that inspire creativity? 








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