Will 2018 be your year of better health?  Take charge of your health this year by working on some or all of these healthy habits.


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  1. Meatless Monday.  Animal products cause inflammation, which is the root cause of disease. Start steering away from meat with Meatless Monday and extend it to other days of the week as well!  Don’t go from meat to meat alternatives – instead, eat whole foods.  A few great sites for meatless recipes:

2. Consider intermittent fasting. Eat in an 8-hour window daily, giving your body more time to digest and detox, and enabling white blood cells to regenerate.

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3.  Swap out dairy. Start with cow’s milk, and see what other swaps you can make. Dairy also causes inflammation along with many health problems.

4. Eat more servings of fruits and veggies. Fit them in anywhere you can, starting with breakfast. They make great snacks, and aim especially for the green leafy veggies!

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5. Cut out processed foods. This is a game changer for your health. Make your own, or make a deal with yourself to eat real food. Your body will thank you! 100 days of real food. 

6. Ditch the medications.  Not only prescriptions, but Medications are not for long term use and haven’t been studied when used long term nor along with other medications.  Look for natural remedies or try essential oils.

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7. Eat organic.  Pesticides from non organic crops and antibiotics from conventional meat and dairy accumulate in our bodies and it is unknown of the long term effects of these chemicals in our bodies, but it cannot be good! Choose organic. Start with the dirty dozen and definitely choose organic dairy and meat!


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8. Get your Vitamin D levels checked. Vitamin D is linked to the immune system, and optimal levels are between 50-80. The FDA recommendation of 400IU a day is outdated and very low, and most people should be taking between 2000-5000IU a day for optimal levels. Ask your doctor for a blood test to get your levels checked.

9. Eat as many superfoods as you can!  The list is exhaustive.

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10. Exercise! Commit to an exercise program that you can stick to.  Even 20 minutes for five days a week or every other day is worthwhile for your health.

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What do you want to work on in 2018?





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