I had the opportunity to try out StickerKid labels, and these were so much fun to create!

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The StickerKid website is fantastic. It is super user friendly and contains many options to customize your labels.  First, select what kind of labels you want to purchase.  Then, you will get to pick what colors and pick from a variety of fonts and see what it will look like.

I ordered 60 small name labels which I used for water bottles, baseball helmets, baseball caps, my daughter’s small first aid kit, and lunchboxes.  There are various suggested as well such as: pens, pencils, crayons, sunglasses, cell phones, flip-flops, toothbrushes and small hard to label items and toys.

The size of the small labels can be seen below. I selected Ms Smarty Pants font for this one. They are bright and shiny and really stand out, looking great!  I purchased this with first and last name.
Cost: $9.95/ 60 labels.top health blog

Below are some of the options to get a feel for the website and user interface. I loved the Miss Smarty Pants font and Childs Play-Age Six!top health blog top health blog Child’s Play font: 



The second label that I picked was 80 Peel and Stick labels for clothing tags.  We put these on jackets, and team shirts and sweatshirts where everyone on the team has the same one.  These worked great, and again, they are bright and glossy and they stand out.  These are a larger size and fit perfectly on a clothing tag.
Note: I purchased these with our last name on them so that I could use them for all 4 kids.
Cost: $18.75/ 80 labels.
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These would make a great gift for a brand new kindergartener, student starting full day school for the first time, heading off to daycare or school for the first time, or any pre-schoolers and elementary school kids.  We love them! Elementary school kids love labeling their things! Check out the stickerkid blog here, and go play at the website and gift someone with some labels or get them for your own kids!

Want to save on Stickerkid labels?  Use this link to save 15%! 


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