THRIVE MARKET is an online grocery store that offers natural and organic foods, household items, beauty and hygiene products, and other items at comparable prices you’d find at your local grocery store.   Thrive also seems to carry many specialty items that you might find at a local natural food store and they continually add new items to their inventory.
While I have access to Whole Foods, a natural grocery store and standard grocery store, I price compare and will use Thrive for items that are cheaper than the stores that I can drive to. I have also found that they have specialty items that I have not found elsewhere, which I love!

I started by trying Thrive with a free trial.  If you spend $49, you get free shipping.  When you order, shipping takes a few days – about 3-4 business days, so this is not an express service – would love if it was!   The packaging is great, and an extra bonus is that they almost always seem to have something to give away when you spend a certain amount.  A subscription is $60 for one year, and when I subscribed, I received a welcome package, which was a nice surprise and a great way to try the products!  Overtime I would say I save more than $60 to make the subscription worth it.  Customer service is good, and the website and app are both easy to navigate! I would recommend Thrive Market!

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Over time, I have come up with a handful of favorites that I order over and over. You can see them below!

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What are your Thrive Market favorites?




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