Always the last thing that I think about, stocking stuffers can be fun! In fact, growing up, my stocking was always the thing that I was most excited about getting to open.  I’ve compiled some stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!  You have 5 days left to get prime shipping! Go!


Kitchen tools

stocking stuffers

Book Light: This is great for reading in bed without an overhead light on.
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Dry Brush:  Great for detoxing and removal of dead skin cells. Boosts immune health. 

Dark Chocolate: 72% or more cacao content is considered a superfood!

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PouPourri: For the host, or any adult to keep in the bathroom!

Resistance Bands: Great for travel workouts


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Stainless Steel Straws: Great for ditching plastic, switch to stainless steel!

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Epsom Salts: A winter’s bath. Rich in magnesium to help with sleep.

Essential Oils: Great for daily use, sleep, allergies, headaches. Starter set.

All in one kitchen/bartender tool. 5 in one. Great for the kitchen or bar.

Recipe holder for your phone. Keeps your phone clean while you cook!

stocking stuffers

For the kids

Nailpolish. Non toxic with bright colors!

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Sugar Scrub.  Kids love using this in the tub!

Logic Game. Great for in the car or playing at home!

Kids Makeup Brush Set (for pretend play). My girls love to pretend they are face painting. 

Safe makeup for play. Non-toxic and so fun!

Scratch Art Pad.  Fun for writing notes and drawing!

Paint Sticks. No-mess, we love these! So much better than paints!

Lip Balm (for adults too!). Safe to lick!

Baseball Cards 

All natural Gum or mints

Wooden People. Great for Creativity!

What are your favorite stocking stuffers?


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