Some of the memories from 2018. Onward and upward – Happy New Year 2019!

Whole foods opened around the corner – life changing!

We celebrated the life of my grandfather, this was a very hard loss 🙁

I took and passed Biochemistry!

I read many books this year!

Villanova won another National Championship – a family affair for us!

Lots of kids cooking in the kitchen…

Beachbody’s 80 day obsession all year long! Love this workout.
Highly recommend if you need to switch it up!

Started to really scrutinize ingredients to find GMOs and inflammatory ingredients. Check out those boxes, read, and be educated about what is in your food for optimal health.

Started Teaching Tuesday videos on Facebook… hopefully I will continue these in 2019, what would you like to hear about?

Really started aiming for good fats, minimal carbs and even grains this year!

I coached elementary field hockey. Loved it!!

I turned 40!

For the kids…

Printable for kids to remember the year as a keepsake

A jar of memories, thankful moments and intentions – keep this during this year and read on New Years Eve 2019!

2019. A new start! Deals…

Vega is 25% off plus free shipping through 1/17!
My favorite is the vanilla flavor.

Get 25% off Misfits Market – fruit and vegetable delivery – check if available in your area!

Get organic staples delivered by Thrive Market in 2019.

Get your baseline data. Take 10% off all tests from Everly Well.

Goal: Streamline.

Will it be nutrition, education, or photography? I’d like to choose one to focus on, and streamline my goals. What is your goal, word or intention for 2019?



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