The Oura Ring is a sleep tracker ring that provides information on your sleep states, heart rate variability, body temperature variability, and activity level.   Sleep is connected to health in many ways, including aging, hormones, obesity, and the plaques formed in the development in Alzheimer’s disease.

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The Oura Ring is a small ring that has the capability of AIRPLANE MODE, which is huge for avoiding electromagnetic field exposure.  No other tracker boasts this feature.

By monitoring your personal circadian rhythm, the Oura Ring determines trends over time to create a recommended bedtime.

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Trends can be viewed on the Oura Cloud website over time – the month, the year, the week, etc.

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The Oura Ring monitors your resting heart rate and heart rate variability while sleeping which in turn helps determine your readiness when you wake. When your heart rate is consistent, this is a good thing, but when it is on the rise, your body may be fighting a virus, for women may be starting a new cycle, or may need more recovery time. In this case, the app recommends to “take it easy.”  When heart rate stays consistent, the app may say “Your readiness is off the charts! The sky is the limit.”

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The Oura Ring also tracks steps and activity.

The battery lasts about a week, and charges very quickly.

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What does the Oura Ring track

  • Bedtime and wake time – and gives suggestions on your recommended bedtime
  • Deep sleep, REM sleep, Latency – it will be red if not recommended amount
  • Sleep efficiency, sleep score with comments
  • Total sleep time
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate variability: This is my favorite feature for determining how a workout affected you, how stress may have affected you, how you responded to a supplement or a food that you ate, whether you are fighting a virus or need more sleep.

HRV is a good indicator of your recovery status. – Oura website

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I didn’t want to like this thing. After receiving the sizing kit as a gift for Christmas, I was trying to determine which finger a new ring would feel comfortable on, and could not really get used to it. To be fair, it was a piece of black plastic as a sizer.  My ring arrived shortly after, and I said I would give it a week to determine if I wanted to keep it. After all, it’s not cheap, and I could think of many other ways to spend the money, right?  After a week, I didn’t get too much out of it because it hadn’t started seeing trends yet, and I wasn’t sold.  I took it off for a few days and contacted customer service to do a return, and then started reading reviews online and these sold me in the end.  The ring went back on my finger and I haven’t taken it off except to charge it.

It’s fully functional and comfortable – I’ve received compliments on how it looks, and I’m obsessed with looking at my sleep data and HRV in the morning to determine how much to push it for my workout. This information that it provides is key for athletes and those interested in tracking their performance and health.

The airplane mode feature is awesome. Analyzing trends, as well as diet, workout and sleep and where I am in my cycle is captivating.

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The activity tracker could be improved. I have used the Fitbit for years, and it is able to track exercise and steps more accurately. There isn’t much It would be awesome to connect women’s cycles to the data in some way and Oura has told me this is something that they are looking into.

I would love an easier way to charge and sync the ring. You have to plug in the docking station to a USB port and open the app for it to sync. After syncing, I put it on airplane mode and leave it on airplane mode all day and night.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I love it and the data that it provides is incredibly valuable.  The features are sure improve even more as they update the app and include more information. I can’t wait to see what they add next. Cost: The rings start at $299, but you can often find a $50 off coupon.

*I have no affiliation with Oura Ring. All views presented in this review are my own.


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