**Post originally written August, 2018**

Check out these ideas to get you ready for back to school and daycare, including some immune system boosters to boot!

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For packing school lunches, our current favorites are non-plastic items!

Planet box is pricey, but worth it  – no leaks, no plastic, lots of space. They are a little on the heavy side, but the kids love all of the different compartments.  We use the Rover.  We love the dipping container for dips, hummus, nut butters, or just a small amount of little things. We use the larger container for yogurt typically or we will use for snack. Use code FUELYOURADVENTURE25 for 25% through August 31!

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LunchBots is more affordable and smaller as well. Some reviews have said that these leak and while we have not tried the Bentos out we love their large container which is great for salads!
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Thrive Market also has some great options for stainless steel currently on sale!

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Nesting trio

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Bentgo Lunches are great for pre-schoolers and young elementary school kids! They are super fun with multiple compartments and they do not leak.

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Easy Lunchboxes. We’ve used these for years, but we do try to avoid plastic as much as possible.  They are super light, and you can add containers or cupcakes liners to add a few more small items. The lids are different colors and they come in packs of 4, so this is great for distinguishing between lunches.

top health blogThey also sell dipping containers which fit inside nicely.  See below for more details.



The first year we headed to elementary school, it was a new thing to send in our own snack. At pre-school, they provided snack daily.  For snacks, these containers work well – U Conserve Stainless Steel Containers with Lids.  We also like the Planet Box ones (right)  that are similar!
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Silicone Cupcake Liners.  We love using these to separate out the different foods, or to put a handful of crackers or a little treat.

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Ice Packs!
The PlanetBox lunch bags as well as the Pottery Barn Kids ones have a spot for an ice pack, which works great to keep lunches cool especially in the hotter months. These ice packs work nicely!

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Sandwich Cutters *Plastic*
These work great for that one day a month that I have time to make a fun lunch. I don’t like wasting the crust, so that is the only issue with these, otherwise the kids love the fun shapes. Save the crust for after school 🙂

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Fruit Picks 
These work great for juicy fruit so that they can pick them up with a pick and not get dirty hands. They are tiny, so you do have to be careful not to lose them!  They can also be used to decorate.

Easy Lunchboxes Dipping Containers. These are great just to separate foods, as well as for dip, hummus, peanut butter or small treats.

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An improvement – I have not tried these yet but want to – Stainless Steel Dipping Containers
top health blogThermos for soup, warm pasta, or anything to keep warm or cold.

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Thermos Funtainer – great price on this pink one on Amazon right now!

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My bigger kids love the Sip by Swell water bottles, and I use these myself. They have never leaked for us, and they are great for the hotter days where they want a larger water bottle.

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So important! We love these colorful Sticker Kid labels, each kid can have their own colors and fonts.
The thin small ones work great for everything from water bottles to school supplies.

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We also use a label maker for multiple things, too!  The Brother P-Touch is awesome!
I can’t say we’ve used any other tapes than the basic white/black one which is why I love the StickerKid labels, but I can say that we label just about everything and it becomes addictive!

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Last but not least, I am good with lunch notes for about a week and then it stops and is inconsistent. There are lots of fun printables to add into the kids lunches.  Check out this roundup by the Peaceful Mom. 

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Vitamin C. Needed for so many things in the body, Vitamin C helps with immune system deficiencies as well. I like to give this year round.

Vitamin D. Studies have shown how protective Vitamin D is against the flu, viruses and for overall immune health.

Probiotic. 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, so healing the gut and introducing different strains for gut health is a smart move! Just Thrive opened and put into applesauce or smoothies for the kids.  I try to change every 3-4 months between this one, BioKult and SilverFern Brand.

Elderberry.  Elderberry is known for immune support. I like to make my own elderberry syrup out of dried berries found locally, but you can also purchase gummies or syrup.

Amazing Grass Superfood. Greens powder to get in variety of veggies and a probiotic blend. This is on Amazon Subscribe and Save autoship at my house, and we use it as “pudding” after dinner.


Did I miss anything that you use daily? Comment below and let me know!

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