I can’t believe this time of year is here again! I’ve compiled a list of fun items for your consideration for others or for your own wish list! Enjoy.

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The Oura Ring. Sleep ring that can go into airplane mode. It tracks your sleep!

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Chilipad. For all of those who sleep hot, and those mamas and women out there who get night sweats.

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Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook. Down to earth recipes for all families.

The Dental Diet.  Dental Health is whole body health too – a great read.

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VOORAY Crossbody Bag for the gym, phone, small purse. 

Silicone Wine “Glasses” – great for travel, the beach and for fun!

Stadium seats. For all the sport parents out there!!  Let’s keep our backs healthy.

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Hydroflask. Most of us are dehydrated. Let’s work to drink more water!Bamboo Cooling Blanket. For anyone having trouble sleeping, these are said to help.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp. These are supposed to be great for breathing and allergies especially.

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Essential Oil Diffuser and Set. I love the Plant Therapy brand.
These seem to be hit or miss whether they last or not, but the design of the one I’ve had for years looks like this one below, and has been a success.  I love the Plant Therapy Sniffle Stopper Blend, but use other blends for things such as congestion (Eucalyptus) and headaches (Peppermint).

WATER FILTER. Filter out the bad stuff.  I’ve heard good things about this brand.


Rasa. This is a coffee alternative and the best one that I have found. Know someone trying to ditch coffee? Makes a good stocking stuffer.

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No tie laces. I don’t know about you, but I have Nike sneakers that untie all the time! These laces were a lifesaver.

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 Kate Spade glitter earrings.  Because you don’t want it in your house, you want it on your ears.  Bling bling!

glitter earrings


Toothbrush cleaner. Sanitizes your toothbrush.

Screen protector for MacBook. I think these look so fun, while protecting your computer at the same time!

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These have been cited by many to help with the exposure from electronics before bed by blocking out the lights that affect us, so that we can still get to bed easily.

French Press. Makes deliciously smooth coffee!

Four Sigmatic Coffees. Great for travel or a treat, with health beneficial mushrooms in the coffee.

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Golden Milk.  Great afternoon treat (you can also make it yourself)

For the kids

Crayola Lightboard. No electronics here.

Montessori Pattern Blocks. Great for creativity and following patterns.

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Kids Cookbook

Cooking Supplies for Kids in the Kitchen – Knife Set or spatulas variety

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Cupcake Making Kit or Food Kit Subscription – neat ways to introduce kids to the kitchen


Kids Cooking Classes at Kids Cook Real Food. These are open for registration from November 21 – December 5.  I worked through these classes with my kids – read about it here.


Butterfly Garden – with a coupon to order the butterflies later. We do this every year! It is really fun for the kids.

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What’s on your list?








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