For 2020, I’ve found my goal is to keep the kids outside and active. The spring quarantine led into summer, but being homebound in the dead of winter may have its challenges! I focused on things that could be used outside and some brought inside. 

1. Flying Tree Swing

This holds up to 660 lbs so all the kids can fit at once. Hang from a tree, a swing set or a hook from the basement?

2. Wood Gymnastics Rings

Indoor agility and strength. Check out #11 for how to hang them. 

3. Speed Ring Set

A great pick for creativity and obstacle courses – so many uses!

4. Zipline

A zipline with a seat for safety. You’d need a good set up in your yard for start and finish, but this gift will span the ages! 

5. Multi Purpose Cones 

Awesome for sports, obstacle courses or whatever kids can think up!

6. Gymnastics Mat

Cartwheels, summersaults, handsprings and most gymnastics moves that you can practice safely. Also makes a great landing space below any sort of hanging rings or bars.

7. Rollerblades

These made a huge return in 2020 as a way for kids to exercise independently. Look for the knee, wrist and elbow guards to complete this gift!

8. Travel Hammock

Great for bringing out for a day in the park, camping trip or an outing.

9. Flag Football Set

This has been a big hit for family football games, and even better with a group of friends!

10. Rope Swing

Hang from a tree

11. Tree Straps, Straps for Hanging

You can use these straps to hang things such as a TRX, wooden rings or something from your swingset indoors. 

  1. French Press. Ditch the plastic and make smooth, delicious coffee in this stainless steel carafe.

2. Camelbak Water Backpack. We have hiked in 2020 more than any other year, and this would make the trips more fun!

3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Use these at night especially when looking at electronics or the TV to shield from blue light to keep melatonin on track for sleep.

4. Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend Coffee. I love these mushroom coffees! Organic and with less caffeine than standard coffee, you’ll enjoy this smooth blend.

5. Cook Set for Little Chefs. Cute and colorful tools at a good price for your little baker to help in the kitchen.

6. Plant Therapy Essential Oil Kit. Included 6 most used oils for diffusing or diluting.

7. ChiliPad. This would be my large gift of choice for females. During our cycle or in menopause and after, we tend to have a rise in body heat, and can sweat at night. This eliminates the night sweats by keeping you cool! Check out their website for Black Friday deals.

8. Ninja Course for backyard. I’m eyeing up these ninja courses to keep the kids outside and active.

9. Electronic Warming Blanket. Have to stay outside to connect with friends? Check out this warming blanket for outdoor meetups. Look into the EMF factor.

10. Outdoor Play Pavilion for Littles. So much fun for imaginative play, taking food orders and building. Look at the height specifications as it’s made mostly for toddlers.

11. Sun Lamp/ SAD great for winter. This lamps are great for those who suffer from seasonal mood affective disorder to provide light therapy.

12. Oura Ring Sleep tracker. I love this thing for tracking my sleep, readiness, temperature and heart rate variability. This helps in knowing when to train hard or take it easy, and I can even tell when I might be fighting a virus or getting sick.

  1. Playborhood. I dream of this! Building a neighborhood of outdoor play. Love this book!

2. The Story of My Life So Far. Great gift for a parent or grandparent. Over the past 2 years, I lost both of my grandparents, and I would have loved this book as a keepsake to read about my grandparents’ lives.

3. Two Peas and Their Pod Cookbook. My all time favorite cookbook with recipes that anyone can make, that are crowd pleasers!

4. The Gift of Failure. I love this book to guide parents to raise independent children.

5. Hands Free Mama. Put the phone down and cherish the moments. An inspiring book reminding us the time flies.

6. Genius Foods. Food recommendations for your brain as you age!

7. The Dental Diet. Have teeth issues? Find out what to eat and how to naturally deal with dental issues.

8. The Me, Me, Me epidemic. Great parenting book.

9. My Kid’s Quotes. Remember all the cute things your kid said when they were little? Write them down so you have them in one place.

10. Wreck This Journal. Cute for a tween or teen or older, it’s a cute book that you can do creative things with!

11. Let that Sh*t Go. We all need a gratitude journal in 2020 – this one makes it fun and humorous.

Not pictured:

The Read Aloud Family. Ideas to read aloud and the benefits of reading to your children.

Make your own soap kit. Clean ingredients to make your own soaps. No dyes or fragrance.

PicWits. Awesome game that spans the ages! Pick a picture that goes with the caption and try to get yours to be selected as the winner.

Propolis Throat Spray. Love this for sore throats. Stocking stuffer!

Mini Trampoline. Use this for exercise, as part of obstacle courses, or jumping!

What gifts are you hoping for this year?

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