TIART – dreams and wishes. My dream has been to run Boston. Probably for the last 2 years it has been big, but after the day of the marathon passing last year, it was something that I REALLY wanted. I’m super excited to be able to run it with Dana Farber, a charity that I strongly believe in – cancer research. I’ve had several family members who have had cancer and I’m sure most of us have as well. This is my website to raise funds – I’m 1/3 of the way there! http://www.runDFMC.org/natalied2009 .

The Runners Lounge – I found this a bit ago, but I haven’t really gotten into it. I like the idea and what they are doing. Sometimes I find it hard to navigate. I went to look for the TIART this morning and missed it. Maybe there is alot going on on the site. In any case, I think it is really cool, and I’m getting used to it. How many of you use this site, how often and what do you really like about it? I created a group Running Mamas. I don’t know what I’ll do with that. But feel free to join up!!

Wii Fit – does anyone have this thing? We got it soon after it came out. For a couple of months I was really into it and my most favorite thing was stamping the calendar. Then I stopped going on and it was a hiatus of about 4 months! I went on yesterday and it was so kind in telling me that I’ve gained 16.5 pounds and I’m overweight. And pretty much many activities that I did, the trainer biotch would say GREAT JOB! and then award me no points!!! The thing should have an option for being pregnant. I might suggest it to Nintendo or make millions from that idea. It would be a fantastic tool for pregnant women!

I swam 2 days in a row! It was nice and felt good for the most part, both days. Flipturns are kind of weird, I feel overly large, but I can swim fast and that feels good. What I like most though, is competing with someone in a lane next to me and trying to beat them which hasn’t been possible (not enough people) so it can be kind of boring. I got up to run this morning and ended up walking hardly over 2 miles in half hour. It was lame but it was something. This week is kind of a non running week, but my goal is still to get in 30 miles.

Good luck to all the marathon runners this weekend, esp Aron, Julianne & FL!
I hope you all BQ and we can have a blogger meeting!!!



  1. Omg, I wrote that my ultimate dream is to run Boston, too!!! Haha. Thank you for the shout! Let’s do Boston together one day!

  2. Mama Simmons Reply

    That’s too funny about the wii fit. I’ve never been to Runner’s Lounge. I’ll have to check it out. Except that I have all of about 1 hour a day now where Moana naps so I should probably make better use of the time rather than fooling around on the computer!!

  3. i go on runners lounge too sometimes… sometimes i get lost in there though :)thanks for the shout out!!!! ill be running hard to try to meet you in april 🙂

  4. I have the wii, but i dont have wii fit. Ive been considering getting it but i havent convinved myself yet. Its neat but i dont know how much it would help me. I duno if its worth the 80 or 90 bucks to me… what do you think?

  5. I sometimes visit Runner’s Lounge, and yes I get lost. The site is a great though, bringing so many bloggers together.

  6. I use runners lounge and I like it, its very nice and a good way to stay connected with other runners. I also like that we all post about the same thing once a week. Its nice to see everyones ideas.I agree Wii FIT should have a pregnant mode or something!!

  7. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I’m going to have to check out the Wii Fit. I’ve never even heard of the runner’s lounge. I go back to work Monday where I’m sure it’s blocked because work blocks all fun websites.

  8. I pop over to Runner’s Lounge every now and then. I too get lost.Boston was never on my radar, but now that I am more in to running and I think with some hard work and training I could qualify I want to get there. Once would be fine with me. I don’t think I am there yet, however I think I am getting close. The marathon next week should give me an indication of how much more I need to do!

  9. If it makes you feel better, when I plop my 2 y.o on the Wii Fit, it tells her that she is overweight as well HAHAHHAA (she’s not)

  10. Wow, the Wii Fit is pretty harsh. What a great charity to support. They’re lucky to have you on board. Good luck with your fund raising.

  11. BeachRunner Reply

    Even with it’s beeyatchy flaws Wii Fit is fun. Now if I could get my kids to share access to it…

  12. I love Runners’ Lounge. Talk to Amy and Tom about your suggestions or problems with the navigation, and I am willing to bet they’ll work on improving it.I’ll check out your Mama group, since I’m one, too!

  13. They should definitely make a Wii fit program specifically for pregnant women! Or at least have somewhere for you to enter that data so it doesn’t call you overweight. Bastards!Good job on the workouts so far this week!

  14. RunToFinish Reply

    I think the thing with the Wii Fit is it was fun with a group or great if you want to work on your balance…beyond that ehh.

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