Natalie DiTullio, M. Ed, Certified Health Coach, Candidate for Masters of Science in Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Hi, I’m Natalie, Functional Nutritionist.  My journey into health and wellness began with running. Lil Runner made its debut as a running blog documenting my training for the Boston Marathon while I was pregnant with my first “lil runner.”  At the time, I was a high school math teacher and a long distance runner, and I documented my pregnancy and my postpartum recovery as I trained for the 2009 Boston Marathon. 

Once I became a mom, I learned more about all of the toxins that our children are exposed to daily in our food supply and the environment. This was a call to action for me. The blog shifted from running to health, and I became a lifelong learner of best practices in health and nutrition in order to keep my family healthy.  I am a now a mom of four children and I help women to balance their hormones to age optimally and feel great! 

My passion is to guide others to optimal health and wellness through educating about the body systems, finding a root cause to symptoms, focusing on whole foods, and working with natural remedies.  I love to be in nature, to read, to hike, travel, garden and spend time with family.

Functional Medicine looks at all of the body systems to get to the root cause of symptoms.  I look forward to working with you on your goals to become your best self!

Check the archives for articles on whole food nutrition, avoiding toxins in the environment and your food, natural remedies, recipes, fitness and motherhood.  Keep in touch through my Instagram feed for educational tips, and if you’re looking for one on one counseling, consider booking an appointment with me here.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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