Just came back from the doctor. I saw a new doctor in the practice today, and I was excited to go, because I’ve seen the same doctor since the beginning. And although I like him, I was excited to see a woman! Well, I was not a fan. One shocking thing was that I didn’t wait. AT ALL. I went straight back and didn’t even grade one paper (had a whole stack ready to do!) That was a positive thing. But the doctor was by the books, and I wasn’t a fan. The scale said I gained 6 lbs since 4 weeks ago (wayyyyy too much) but maybe because I had my boots on and a bulky sweatshirt? I can subtract 2 from that right? She asked if maybe it was the holidays? Oh I was pissed. So I’m working out at least 45 minutes a day, but most of the time over an hour, and I think I’m a pretty good eater. How the F am I gaining too much weight? I don’t think overall my weight gain has been over the limit, but from the last appointment it has been too much. Other than that, she said traveling to see my sister run the Disney World Marathon Jan 9 was iffy, and any pains I explained were totally normal. I just didn’t get a good vibe from this doctor. And now I just want the little peanut out of me. NOW!! I am having a pain right above my bellybutton and it is making me pretty uncomfortable – she thought it was the feet. She thought the head was facing down which is a good thing but how can she even tell from just feeling?

I was going to bake some xmas cookies tonight and now that is the last thing that I want to do. Instead I feel like I should go on the treadmill! I already swam (which was more like floating today blahhh) and went on the elliptical today(half assed since I graded papers at the same time). Boo hoo.

In the mail I got a training shirt from Dana Farber size XS. Is that possibly for the baby?? Maybe it would fit on my arm. It actually doesn’t look THAT small, but I’m not going near it until this child is out of me. Otherwise I will probably cry.

OPERATION HOLIDAY OBESITY now in effect! This means I’m watching what I’m eating. Maybe I ate too much cookie dough last week when I was making these eggless xmas spice cookies to freeze. And overall, really I’ve just been eating whatever I want when I’m hungry, so maybe I just overdid it. I feel like I workout enough that I can just eat whatever, but with the intensity and speed down to nothing, I’m burning alot less calories so I need to compensate for that (but still make sure I’m eating enough to feed another little person)!

  • Limit breads and cheese
  • Limit peanut butter
  • Eat more veggies
  • Limit holiday sweets
  • Continue to eat 2 dove chocolates a day for sanity : )
  • Count everything up and make sure I’m getting the right amounts until I’m back on track!

I’m done being pregnant. Ahhhhh!!! And I have a free Saturday. I couldn’t bring myself to be mature and sit through the class. ๐Ÿ™ Instead I started watching a video on childbirth last night and had to stop watching because I wanted to cry. Never go to babycenter and watch videos.



  1. RunToFinish Reply

    ok 6lbs in 4 weeks.. I know women who would be reaching through the computer to kill you… seriously they work with me and I know what they gained…it was 6lbs over 4 weeks. I think you are doing just fine and you and that baby will be healthy and fit!

  2. ohhhh girl – you are doing freaking awesome!!! do NOT pay attention to that. weight fluctuates ALL the time and i am sure its no different when you are prego. hang in there girlie you are amazing and so many women only wish they could have 10% of the exercise drive you have right now.

  3. Oh, I’m so mad at that doctor!! You are doing great and exercising! Don’t let her get you done and don’t over due it because of her comments!

  4. Seriously i think you look awesome. Dont listen to that bia doctor. You are doing great and gaining weight is whats supposed to happen obivously! You exercise tons and i’m sure your a healthy eater. Dont let her make you feel bad becasuse your still so small and what belly you have is all baby! Keep your chin up darlin!

  5. Dude, you weighed with a thick sweater and shoes?? You should take off at least 3 lbs for that! Um, I think I know WHY you’re gaining weight. It’s called PREGNANCY?? Hello?? (Ok, am I being naive here?)Your comment about the D Farber XS shirt size is too funny! No, I don’t think it’s going to fit your arm. Dude!And you are NOT obese!!

  6. Sometimes, i just don’t get why some people go into the health profession if they can’t be nice. Hopefully, you won’t get this doctor again. Six pounds in four weeks with shoes and clothes isn’t bad, especially this late in the game. Don;t stess over it. You are doing great.

  7. For real, that weight gain sounds like all the ladies in my life who are/were pregnant. I’m sure you are fine. Stressing out about it will just make it worse! Maybe take off some layers next time and hope you don’t get Dr. Jerkface again.

  8. You are stressing about nothing, I promise! She should NOT have made a big deal about 2 pounds extra – 6 pounds over 4 months is not bad at all. It could just be the difference of having a morning appt last time and an afternoon appt this time. I wouldn’t change anything that you are doing. You are doing great!

  9. Wow, I know I’m not a doctor but here’s what I think. You are probably the most active and fit pregnant woman I’ve ever known. You look amazing- you are ALL baby and nothing extra! You are aware of what you eat and don’t over do it. Basically, you are a poster child for moms-to-be and your lady doctor can suck it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Honestly I wouldn’t worry about the gain. Especially since it’s so late in the game (like d10 said) You’re doing GREAT!And childbirth? It’s NOT THAT bad! I’ve done it both ways (with and without pain meds) and it was FINE! You totally forget how bad it hurts as soon as the baby is out and you’re holding him/her. Really you do!

  11. you need to chill out, seriously. first, NEVER pay attention to the doctor scales…clothes, time of day, BOOTS…yeah, not so accurate. what i weighed at the dr was NEVER the same as what i weighed at home, always more. do you weigh yourself at home? control your variables! and sometimes you gain more, sometimes less…BIG F’ING DEAL. the last 2 weeks i gained 3 pounds. i’m not saying don’t be healthy, but you’re sounding obsessed…stop!!! not worth it.

  12. You are not obese, you are pregnant!But I hear you on the peanut butter. I eat way too much of it.

  13. Don’t worry about it that much and don’t cut out all those foods! You are eating for two, you both need those nutrients! You are not overweight, there is nothing wrong, you are doing great!! Get a good nights sleep tonight and see how you feel tomorrow!

  14. LOL on the last sentence of this post. I did that when I was preggo too and almost had a heart attack! Jeremy was like, “WTF did you do THAT for?”I seriously think that the sweater and boots can add a couple of lbs, easily. Actually, I was at a DRs appt last week and the lady told me I could remove my boots because it DOES effect an accurate weight reading. So, you are not crazy thinking that.Girl, don’t drive yourself crazy about this. 6lbs isn’t that much. It could be a number of things, water weight, whatever. I fluctuate between 2-4lbs everyday depending on what time of the day I weigh myself. You look amazing and are taking great care of yourself. Most women would kill to look like you at 30 weeks.

  15. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    You will gain weight in spurts during your pregnancy. Absolutely do not be concerned with gaining weight. You are still tiny and your body is doing what it needs so you and the baby are healthy. I promise that being as active as you are during the pregnancy, any weight you gain will come off easily. Do not be concerned about it.Also, read the book “The Best Birth.” I found it really helpful in explaining what to expect without freaking me out. My husband read it as well and found it helpful for him and he was really glad he’d read it when I ended up having an emergency c-section.

  16. Mama Simmons Reply

    I’m in agreement with everyone else here… 6 lbs is nothing so don’t worry about it at all. I totally gained in spurts and some weeks didn’t gain at all. You’ll drop 20 lbs in the first week after giving birth and then the rest will fall off as you start running again.Don’t watch any birth videos. I saw one and it freaked me out. Just read up on the process and get a good feel for effacement and dilation and what all that means and how long it can take and what its supposed to feel like and all that. At least then you’ll have a good idea of when you’re actually in labor vs false labor. And like Angela said, know the process of c/s even though you’ll totally want to avoid one if possible, sometimes its not possible. But sometimes you may be able to avoid it even when your MD says to do it (some MDs jump to c/s too quickly) so know what you need to know to stand up for yourself in those situations.

  17. yeah, that word “limit” is popping up too much here — you deserve to be free from food-induced stress right now. It just breaks my heart that a random doctor (who doesn’t know you and your healthy lifestyle) would make such an irresponsible comment. you called her “by the books,” and it’s clear she was just spouting off text, avoiding any critical thinking of her own. and, step away from the babycenter! mama simmons is right about educating yourself to be your own advocate, but without obsessing over what other people have gone through. i’ve watched a fair share of those shows/videos and never saw anything that resembled my birth experiences.keep eating those damn cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. The Chapples Reply

    Echoing Clare, CHILL!!! I bet your boots and sweater weighed more than 3 pounds. Seriously…I am working on a book about pregnant women and eating disorders and have been interviewing women whose experiences I am using in the book. (NOT saying you have one). I get sad when I hear women bashing their bodies during pregnancy. You look amazing. Embrace it! Being a parent is being a good example of self-acceptance and body image.

  19. Sorry about the doctor. I hate that when you go and get one that you don’t mesh well with. I have been there done that.Regarding the weight gain….you don’t have as much control as you think you do. I was like you with my second pregnancy. I ate well, I ran, and there were still months of large gains. You have to remember it is not fat. You could be retaining water, you have a higher blood volume, and most of all a growing baby. The good news is that you have been doing so awesome keeping fit with this pregnancy that you will be back to your normal body so much quicker.

  20. Ohhhh….and I forgot to say boots and a sweater? That is the bulk of the gain right there. I had summer babies and I would take off my flip flops! ha!

  21. jsmarslender Reply

    I just found your blog not long ago. I ran through all but the last week and a half of my pregnancy and my daughter is now two and a half months. I know it can be difficult to see your body change so radically but be good to yourself. Be gentle. Enjoy what your body is able to do: you’re growing a baby! Wishing you the best,Sarah

  22. Ugh, I agree with D10 – why do people enter the medical profession if they don’t have any bedside manner?! I know it’s hard, but I hope you’re able to let it roll off and enjoy the next couple weeks – Christmas, your birthday, New Years… all those things that’ll be really different next year! As much as you’re ready for the kid to pop out, don’t forget to savor the last moments of pre-mom-dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Think of all those weeks where you didn’t gain much weight at all? I’m sorry you didn’t click well with the new doctor. The end is very near. Good luck!

  24. BeachRunner Reply

    The doctor is an asshole. Your weight is perfect. PERIOD. END OF PARAGRAPH.

  25. Don’t worry about it. Gaining weight at the end of your pregnancy is good for you and the peanut, and it sounds like you are taking great care of both of you.

  26. Serenity Now Reply

    Don’t listen to that bitch doctor – you are freaking TINY…and at this stage of the game with the baby growing, you really shouldn’t be worrying about cutting back any eating. 6 pounds is NUTHIN…I could gain that just from smelling a cheeseburger – so screw that doc!Your body will bounce back don’t worry :)And dude, NOT MORE VIDEOS for you! Besides, every person’s birth experience is different…you’ll do fine!

  27. Don’t sweat the weight at all. Seriously. I have no idea how much I gained when I was pregnant, but it was a lot more than average, and I now weigh less than I did when I was in 8th grade. Don’t worry about it.And nice DFMC shirt–much better than last year’s! Wish I was running this year…

  28. Thank you for the sweet commment. I was just sitting here feeling a little sad. It’s crazy how I still feel like I’m overweight. I can lose the weight, but not that feeling. What motivated me? I needed to get healthy. Have battled eating disorders, to both extremes, and it was time to figure things out.

  29. Aw I’m sorry that Dr was so non-personal. I hate doctors like that, they should take time to get to know your story. You’re being so healthy and that is better for your baby than anything. Don’t worry about what she says and make sure to get someone else next time!

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