1.20.09 A historic day.. also one month to go until my due date. Actual due date: 2.19 – but I’m sorry, the number 19 wasn’t working out for me and I liked 20 better so I changed it! So, one month from today, maybe we will have a baby! Or maybe add a couple more weeks to that. Either way, it is soon! I was busy this weekend making blogs for my fundraising for Boston (http://natalieavioli.blogspot.com) and for baby updates (http://ditullios.blogspot.com/) so that was fun. I didn’t want to mix them with my running blog. This is midterm week at school (my favorite week of the year not counting finals) and I wanted to work through that for sure and after this week I’m ready for the baby!

In the spirit of midterm week I was able to go for a run near school midday. There was still snow on the ground in some parts and it was pretty cold but the fresh air felt good! It wasn’t the best run but still parts of it I was RUNNING, outside, and it felt good! My calves and achilles have been KILLING me the last 2 days I ran. I should have taken an off day from running for sure. I think that I also need some of those recovery socks and they might help! I think my running stride is weird now which is affecting my achilles maybe – otherwise I’ve never had this weird pain before. Imagine my dismay that after running what felt like 2 hours (42 min), maybe 10-12 miles, I went to g-map and found that I had only ran/walked 3 miles. I had to stop alot because my legs were really screaming in pain. No running tomorrow for me! Going to swim and do lots of pulling, my legs need a break! After the 11 miles on Sat on the TM, I had the most energy, it was ridiculous. I was cleaning floors, doing wash, vacuuming, all of this cleaning like a madwoman. I couldn’t even fall asleep when it was time. Then Sunday, it hit me more. Today I am completely exhausted, but that is mainly because I woke up starving at 4:30am and wide awake. I went downstairs and ate an english muffin w/ butter (yum yum) and ran the dishwasher! I realized last school year I woke up only 20 minutes later every morning to work out but it felt like the middle of the night last night!

I go find out tomorrow what position the baby is in, so keep a good thought that the peanut is facing down! No C-section please! I will be doing jumping jacks, headstands and flipturns 24/7 if the baby is breech!

week 34 stats
Monday – off travel day! (when was the last day I took OFF?)
Tuesday – 5.05 miles
Wednesday – 4.7 miles, swim 2500 yds
Thursday – 2 miles, 4 miles (split)
Friday – swim 2500yd, wii fit
Saturday – long 11 miles
Sunday – easy 3.3 miles, lift



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    Moana was breech until 36 weeks when I went in to have an external version done. It hurt like hell but it worked, so I’m glad I did it rather than submitting to the c-section…Oh… the nights of getting up to eat butter in the middle of the night… I totally remember those! Now Moana is the only one eating in the middle of the night! 😉

  2. teacherwoman Reply

    Oooh one month! Yay! I am thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way!

  3. yay for one month!!! i added all your other blogs to my reader 🙂 fingers crossed baby is in the right position!!

  4. 1 month! AH thats great! I love how you changed your due date!I’m praying that the baby is in the right position too and i will be adding all of your new blogs to google reader! :)Good luck tomorrow

  5. What a world you’re bringing this kid into…There’s a lot of possibility today, you know?

  6. Omigosh, 1 month left??!! I love how much you love running and being out there. 🙂 And no c-section for you young lady!!!

  7. yippee! when you said you ran mid-day i was thinking you were crazy, then figured since it’s midterms you didn’t go back to teach, so you’ve been demoted back to crazy running pregnant lady from running saint. sorry…but i am still uber impressed!

  8. RunToFinish Reply

    oh boy one short little month. Enjoy the rest day and hope everything starts feeling better for the next ru

  9. Wow…only one more month!!You know, I’m not sure I know…where are you taking classes?

  10. I say 2/18. Why? Because it’s my 2nd kid’s B-day HAHAHA Good time to have a baby 😉

  11. DC Running Mama Reply

    That’s awesome you ran 11 miles on the TM!!! Good luck the last month…and beware when you feel more tired than usual. The two days before I went into labor I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed at 5 pm!

  12. most definitely get some rest these last few weeks…take it easy and listen to your body. Make sure you have some fun things planned for you and your husband to pass the time in case the baby decides to hold out for longer, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for an ontime and safe delivery!

  13. Only 4 more weeks!!! I can’t believe you are still running. Hang in there. Oh, and thanks for sharing your new blogs too.

  14. Getting close! I love the baby blog and have bookmarked it. 🙂 Here’s hoping for a heads-down baby!Great job on all the walking and running and generally being a fit and gorgeous mommy-to-be.

  15. I am sure the baby is sitting the right way! It is crazy how your body responds differently now to things. I am sure that the swimming will help – cross training will help keep the stress off your lower legs since you are carrying more weight than you are used to!!

  16. jsmarslender Reply

    Yea! One month. Enjoy, enjoy. I would wake in the middle of the night and read or write. I felt like my body was giving me a chance to catch some good alone time before the baby arrived. My midnight snack? Cereal, always cereal. Good job on the running too. I noticed it just got difficult in the last month – some days felt like breeze and other days were super tough. Take care of yourself.

  17. Mmmm, english muffin with butter. That’s one of my favorite food groups, LOL.The part about jumping jacks and headstands had my laughing! What a sight to see. Sending “facing-down” vibes your way. = )

  18. Woohoo! One month! You are getting SO close! I know I say this every post, but I really am getting so excited. I can’t wait to cybermeet the peanut!

  19. Wow one month, all the best ND. I hope everything goes smoothly (which it will, because you are in such awesome shape!!)

  20. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I hope your one month doesn’t turn into 6 weeks like it did for me! And you are super ambitious maintaining 3 blogs.

  21. Hurray for baby real soon! You must be getting so excited. Is everything ready for the new arrival?

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