I ran a mile today, wahoo!! Felt kind of weird? mostly not to have a belly. Could feel a little pressure in my lower ab/side but that’s about it! More running to come in the days ahead, but taking it slowly and easy.

I apologize for my lack of comments. I’ll get there soon enough!!



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    Isn’t it amazing how good just one mile can feel? YEA for you!

  2. Crazy girl! Maybe you’ll be ready to meet up with me and Abby next Friday for 12 miles…

  3. Take things easy. You body went through tons of stress. Hope you are having fun with the little guy.

  4. Good job, but take it easy. Your uterus is still getting back to where it needs to be, sizewise…

  5. Congrats on your first mile as a mom!! That’s wonderful. Don’t worry about commenting on blogs, we understand!

  6. teacherwoman Reply

    Don’t apologize for not posting! You have a baby now! I can’t believe you already got out there for a run!

  7. RunToFinish Reply

    you give me hope for the future..should that belly thing ever happen to me. ;0)happy first vday with your new man

  8. Wow, be careful! That’s a great accomplishment though. Sorry I didn’t put two and two together on the blogs, silly me! LOL.

  9. I think no matter when you start to run the belly/abs feel a little “loose” not pain but kinda bouncy, is that what you felt?

  10. I am so not surprised that you’re running already. You are one determined Lil Runner. = )Just remember to take it easy and let your body heal. You’ve still got plenty of time to train, so don’t worry about that and commenting on blogs, LOL. That can come later.

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