Happy Monday!

Today in the mail I got a sweet pea hat for lil Nick from fellow DFMC teammate Sarah! It is ADORABLE! Thank you so much to Sarah!

What a fun surprise! I also got my DFMC singlet for Boston! Fun mail day!

I was planning on going to yoga this evening but plans went otherwise. I did an easy 3 miles this morning while Nick was sleeping and hope to do around 6 tomorrow. I had stopped bleeding and have had a little spotting the last couple of days – I think it is from lifting on Saturday, I had started doing some quad machines and it didn’t feel right but I think it was too much too fast.
I’m monitoring that one, but running still feels fine. I think the BOB is coming tomorrow, so I’m ridiculously excited and hope the weather warms up for the end of the week!

Looking ahead, I haven’t looked at my initial training plan yet, but I may try to get in a longer run this weekend, maybe 10-12? I am going to see how it feels. I don’t know how I will be away from the baby for that long though! If the weather is cold, it will be on the TM and I will visit him every 1/2 hour. Daddy can hang out with him 🙂



  1. That hat is a adorable. I think it is so cool that you are back to running already. great work!

  2. The pic of Nick and daddy is so sweet. Take it easy with the lifting!

  3. I love the hat! Super cute! 🙂 Good luck with the long run this weekend!

  4. DC Running Mama Reply

    I love anything “pea” related for babies!! Sometimes I get back from runs and smother my little guy with kisses because it feels like I have been away FOREVER. I wonder if I will want to run as long when I am away from him all day.

  5. The hat is so adorable! I can’t stand it. You’re doing great. But, ouch on the lifting/bleeding. Be careful, you may need that thing later 😉

  6. Boys and babies make my heart melt every single time. Too cute!Good luck with that long run.

  7. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    You’ll have a harder time being away for 10-12 miles than Nick or Daddy will. After 5 months I’m still trying to get over feeling guilty every time I leave Zach.

  8. RunToFinish Reply

    from the woman who didn’t think she was quite ready the day before birth to be a mom…you’re doing pretty fantastic

  9. BeachRunner Reply

    Great pics. But I am such a sucker for the Daddy pics. Awesome shot.

  10. Ditto what Angela said. The guilt is a mom thing…it doesn’t go away, it gets slightly better to manage or deal with but it never goes away. Humor me ladies, I’m sure we all love our significant others and our parents are capable bc they raised us afterall, but NO ONE can take better care of our little ones than US, mommies. Just my self indulged opinion. Haha.

  11. There’s nothing like your baby sleeping on your chest. My first used to do it all the time, but my second not as much. I miss it.Nice hat!

  12. How funny – the little girl I baby-sit for (well, she’s 5 now, so not so little) had one of those hats when she was a baby – they are SO cute!Your training plans looks awesome – you’re running so well considering you just had a baby – amazing!!

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