From today until race day, I’m watching fat intake and cutting it out! Mainly, I won’t be eating cheese, and I’ll just be more aware, I won’t be giving up peanut butter though! Starting Saturday or Sunday I’ll stop eating all dairy. Last night I made rosemary bread like Abby made for me before my 20miler. It turned out really good and I plan to eat it this weekend!

I ironed on some onesies for Nick that say 26.2 and go mommy! but I like the outfit above that he has on from my friend Nicole – it says Mommy’s favorite lucky charm.

Off to swim- hope not to run today!




  1. Here’s hoping that your wish NOT to run comes true! If it were me, that would be very easy to fulfill.

  2. I kind of want a kid so I can dress them up to match whatever I’m doing that day. :o)

  3. Peanut butter has so much good fat and if I am really tight on time and need a snack before my run, then I just grab a tablespoon full and eat that – yum! The Rosemary Bread sound So good! Hope the swim went well!

  4. Can’t give up the PB!!! You’ll have to post pics of Nick in the go mommy shirt!

  5. RunToFinish Reply

    what’s the reasoning behind the fat? I had heard of lowering fiber.what is the recipe for that bread? I made chocopumpkin bread today…ahh yes bread my comfort food

  6. i love nicks outfit! when you get to boston, see if they have a onsie that has says my mommy is running boston or something like that!

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