Today trying to think positive – no pressure mode. The butters are really good. Almond one is better than peanut one, I think because I used no salt peanuts (bad idea).

I’m stressing a little bit about logistics for the weekend. We leave tonight and go to CT to Bill’s parents and get up in the morning and head to Boston where we’ll be staying at a hotel Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m not sure how much frozen milk I need to bring, and where I will store it. I’m mainly concerned about Monday morning, but I’m also concerned about the entire weekend, since we’ll be out and about and I haven’t fed him while out and about yet – I’m always in someones house or in the car. I guess I’ll suck that one up and figure it out.

We have a 3 hour car ride tonight and another 3 hour car ride in the morning. This might be tricky too. I hope it doesn’t screw up his sleeping with the long stretches in the car. I guess if he needs to eat, we pull over and feed him… it should be interesting. First long car ride.

For Monday morning, it all depends on what time he wakes up! I may, however, have to wake him up and feed him before I go. We have to be on the buses between 6:45-7:30am. The race doesn’t start until 10:30 for Wave 2 (my wave). Maybe I can wake him up and feed him at 6am, then pump around 10am or as close to the start as I can with checking my baggage (pump) then hope to god it takes me close to 4 – 4.5 hours and feed him as soon as I ‘m done or pump. So he’ll need possibly 2 bottles – one around 9-10am, and one around 1-2pm. I may not finish until 2:30/3:30. It is going to be all screwed up. I’m mostly concerned with where I’ll store milk that is frozen and defrost it over 3 days. You are supposed to defrost it for 12 hours and use it within 12 hours or something like that. Anyone have suggestions on that one? This gives an extra dimension to getting ready for a race that you have to travel to. Holy mama!

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  1. Can you get a refrigerator in your hotel?IF you need to keep it frozen longer, put the bag of cold milk in a bag of water and freeze the whole thing and then put it in a cooler. The ice will slowly melt, but the milk should stay frozen for quite a long time. If you need to defrost faster, you can run warm water over it until the milk is a good temp to feed and then use immediately. You can store thawed milk for up to 24 hours if you keep it refrigerator cold. And give it a try feeding him from the source while out. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy and most people would have no idea what you are doing.Check out for awesome storage/handling information.Good luck on Monday!

  2. OH, and freshly pumped milk can stay at room temp for quite a while and still be used, so take a small cooler and ice pack and you’ll be able to use the milk you pump right before the race later.

  3. That is quite the organizational challenge! I’m sure you’ll figure it all out. If anyone can juggle it, it’s you. :o)

  4. Sounds like you are gearing up for a great and busy weekend. In my experience my boys fell asleep in the car almost instantly and pretty much always. Therefore, if at all possible, time your drive with his nap so that he doesn’t get out of his routine too much. Then again, mine could sleep anywhere in any position, no matter what time of day or situation we found ourselves in. In summary, babies adapt amazingly well. Good luck!

  5. Did I ever tell you about the woman who carried a breast bump in her racing pack at nationals last year? She’d had a kid eight weeks earlier!!

  6. Mama Simmons Reply

    Isn’t it funny how everything changes and it becomes all about the baby’s schedule for eating and sleeping? I totally know what you mean. I’d bring as much milk as possible… I just am always freaked out about not having enough and having a screaming hungry baby! NOT GOOD. And yeah, if you can pack ice in a cooler that should help some.Good luck with those logistics!And as far as packing diapers, wipes, etc, I think I bought a travel pack for the wipes, but then brought a whole pack of 40 diapers with us. Easy enough since we were driving rather than flying. But diapers are easy to find anywhere so if you run out it;s not like you can’t just run into any grocery store and get more, ya know?GOOD LUCK!!! HAVE FUN!!!

  7. Keep in mind that after you finish, it may be another good hour or so before you even catch up with your hub and Nick. When I did Boston, it seriously took me FOREVER to catch up with my husband. After you finish, they have to walk so far to the family meeting area. And it’s mass chaos of people so it takes forever to walk there. Then, you have to find your last name letter and that takes awhile too. I think it took me maybe an hour to get from the finish line, through the chute, over to the meet area, and finally find my husband. So, plan for that with an extra bottle maybe? Could you use the ice at the hotel and bring a huge cooler to store the milk in?As for feeding while out and about, I never ever fed my baby a bottle when out and about. I always just find a place to feed him. A good place is a dressing rooms in clothing stores!Good luck!

  8. Good luck Monday! I know you’ll do great and all of the other stuff will work its self out! Can’t wait to hear how you do!!!!!

  9. you seem to have gotten lots of good advice for the milk.Our first trip with Ryan, 6 months old…15 hour road trip to Mississippi for a poker tournament Tim was in. I kept hoping in the back seat of the car to feed, play and change him so we didn’t have to stop driving. At least by that point he was on solids though so I didn’t have to worry as much about just packing milk.

  10. I have no advice, but I have to say I think you are the awesome-est woman ever. I freaking worship you. I only hope to be half the athlete/mom you are.GOOD LUCK Monday!!! Have fun!!!

  11. RunToFinish Reply

    so much to think about! hope last nights travel went well and enjoy today/tomorrow!!

  12. The Happy Runner Reply

    I’m so behind on blogs…GOOD LUCK tomorrow! I hope your travel was smooth and that things are going well! Have fun!

  13. Hope all is going well. Have a blast tomorrow. I can’t wait to read all about it!! You are going to have so much fun, enjoy it.

  14. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Good luck with the logistics. When we did the long car ride I just pumped in the car and gave him bottles so we only stopped when he got really fussy or needed a diaper change.Good luck on Monday!

  15. You’re through 5K now! Yay!Got you on tracking! Run like the wind!

  16. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Congratulations on finishing Boston. What an amazing time.

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