For the love of peanut butter

I don’t know when I started eating peanut butter – my mom does not like it that much but surely we had pb&j growing up? I remember in college eating it out of the jar and it was all downhill from there!

The Costco jar lasted 9 days among us. Out of 40 oz I probably ate 35! My kids love it and have it everyday for lunch. It’s my go to breakfast and lunch. I recently discovered HEABS ABU dip made of almond milk and peanut butter – yum! And saw a recipe for sunflower seed butter to switch it up a little.

This one is for my friend Nicole who made me try it out and convinced me it was great with chocolate chips thrown in!

SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER adapted from Choosing Raw

2 cups sunflower seeds
1 1/2 t sea salt

2 t vanilla extract
2 T maple syrup

20120805-200646.jpgFirst – put the sunflower seeds sprinkled with the salt on a baking sheet and cook for 8 minutes at 350. Use the spatula and move them around, then cook another 5 minutes or until lightly browned. Keep your eye on them since ovens vary in temperature.

Let them cool and put in the food processor and just like the recipe says, walk away for 10 minutes. Go check on it and let it ride until it is to the consistency that you want, then stir in the maple syrup & vanilla. Adjust to taste!

If you are looking for an almond butter recipe, I pinned this one!

Here is an activity for the mamas – we made 3 colors today that are drying for tomorrow.

Clean eating – I decided chocolate and chocolate chips are part of my day. I’ve cut back considerably so that is my effort, but I need them. Have a replacement? Maybe cocoa and coconut oil?

Job situation – thinking about it everyday

Running – 27 solid miles this week and 3 lifting sessions. Just one swim and 30 minutes of spin.

Emotional – feeling quite isolated and working on finding more balance right now

8 thoughts on “For the love of peanut butter

  1. I would hate to quantify how much PB I eat in a week! It is disgraceful. I cannot pass the pantry without helping myself to some. I would be dangerous if I were left alone with a 40oz jar! My 3 year old is a fellow addict now too!

  2. I couldn’t make sunflower seed butter because I would have already eaten the seeds before they became butter lol..I love sunflower seeds! I on the otherhand hate pb. it sticks to your mouth..yuck…

  3. I’m honored to have contributed to your nut butter addiction. Wish we lived closer so you could drop some off 😉

  4. That sunflower seed butter sounds so good! I love them roasted like that. Mmm. And thanks for the pasta link, so cute!
    I’m with you on chocolate just being part of my day… I try to keep it to reasonable amounts, some days are better than others. Hope you continue to feel more connected!

  5. LOL, re the PB! The seed butter sounds good. Def worse things to munch on! I’m afraid sweet things are part of my day too! Well done on the exercise and hope you feel less alone soon. How are the kiddy and mummy groups near you? Friendly? Might be worth trying to get to a few to make friends in your new area…. Hugs.

  6. Sunflower seed butter is a staple for us in light of my daughter’s nut allergies. I can’t remember PB too well (it has been several years now) but sunflower seed butter really is yummy in its own right! I’m commenting about the isolation – it is so hard to care for a baby and feel that you love them but also don’t want to lose yourself in the shuffle. Don’t be afraid to reach out. A meetup group really helped me get into the world again as a new mom.

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