Following Mommy Run Fast‘s lead, I have been really good about meal planning for the start of the year. 
I really have done a nice job switching it up and trying new things. 
Last week was thrown off a little bit because of the snow, but looked like this:

Monday – cashew chicken with rice and carrots
Tuesday –  SNOW DAY!  Pork tenderloin with carrots and rice
Wednesday – egg casserole with spinach and toast
Thursday – parmesan crusted tilapia with broccoli and rice
Friday – Tried the cauliflower pizza crust, but bought a pizza just incase (and needed it) 🙂 
Saturday – celebrating family birthdays – party
Sunday – leftovers
This week ahead: 
Monday – Steak, potatoes and mushrooms
Tuesday – Taco night with Avocado Quinoa
Wednesday-  egg casserole
Thursday – Pulled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries
Friday – Jambalaya with quesadillas
Saturday – homemade pizza
Sunday – turkey meatballs with spaghetti and zucchini
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My workouts last week.… I got back into the pool!  I haven’t had the courage to get up at 5am to swim with the masters team yet, but maybe I will get back into the groove. Instead I have been swimming on my own 2 days a week a little bit later.
Monday – the kids had off and I was able to swim mid morning 🙂 A Treat!  55 minutes, 3500 yards
Tuesday – the snow began, snow day!  –  Unite Fitness Workout – I pick one of these once a week to do with my run as cardio
Wednesday – Snow Day   – OFF
Thursday – Swim 2700, 45 minutes
Friday – 1.5 miles and an arm circuit with a friend
Saturday –  strength – abs, legs and some arms
Sunday – snowy 6-miler outside with a friend

My goal for 2014 is the TRIATHLON.  An Olympic distance triathlon in June specifically!
I still have problems with my SI joint and biking might be difficult, but it’s my goal to train and finish this. We will see!
Do you have an athletic goal for 2014? 

What’s your favorite motivational quote?


  1. Yay, love this! You should come over and link up your post, too. 🙂 I’m so inspired that you got back in the pool… maybe I can actually make that happen this week!

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