Through Mom’s Meet, I had the opportunity to try out Door to Door Organics.
Door to Door Organics is a produce (& more) delivery service. Everything is organic.

When you create your account, you select what frequency of delivery and which box you want.  Similar to a CSA, you get a box of fruits/vegetables (your choice) on a set delivery schedule of your choosing. I chose to try the medium mixed box (fruits and veggies) and get once a week delivery.  Once you have selected your box, it tells you your delivery day and the window you have to change your order.  My delivery day was Tuesday so starting at noon Friday until 8am Monday morning, I could change my order. You get a list of what is in the box, and can sub out up to 5 items, which I thought was really cool!  You can also create a list of your favorites and produce you don’t like in your account profile.

My credit was for $100, and I selected the medium box ($46), so I was able to get 2 boxes – one medium and one large ($54).

To get close to an even $50, I added broccoli into my box for the first week.

Here is what was in my box the first week:

Screenshot 2014-03-14 18.16.33

Screenshot 2014-03-18 14.59.21

Here is what was in my box the second week.

Screenshot 2014-03-18 15.00.13

Screenshot 2014-03-18 15.03.39

How was the produce? Remember, everything is organic…

With the exception of the apples, which had little bumps in them, I thought everything looked great and was fresh. One of my concerns getting a produce delivery would be the freshness of the items. I like to pick out my own produce.  But they did a great job with this, and for the most part, everything was top notch.

The mangoes in the first week were not ripe and took at least a week to get ripe in a brown bag. Other than that, everything was ready to eat. That first day, the kids ate all of the oranges, a pear and apple between them. I loved having all the fresh organic produce in my house and the kids were excited to see what was in the box.

The cost – this was $46 a week for just produce and I still had to purchase produce at the store in addition to it.  I spend about this in produce each week, but shopping at the grocery store, I think that I can get more for my money. But it does save the time and adds the convenience of not having to go to the store. And I usually have to go to whole foods to get good produce. At that cost (whole foods will eat your paycheck!!)  this is totally reasonable.

In the second week, they forgot to include the potatoes in my order. I contacted them through email and received a response within 10 minutes that they would credit my order and include potatoes in my next order at no charge.  I thought the customer service was great.

In both boxes, I felt like they gave me a few extra mini oranges (they were very tiny) but everything else was as the list stated. Delivery came by noon on the delivery day in a well packaged brown box.  Overall, I thought the whole experience was organized and efficient and something I may put on hold and try this summer!

Oh and the website is AMAZING!! you can plan out your dinners on there, and save the recipes you selected, and also shop for tons of other things. It is very organized and I have gone to it just to search the recipes!

Do you get groceries or produce delivered? How much do you spend per week on the service?  What is your weekly or monthly grocery budget?  Does something like this appeal to you?

Coupon code: luvmomsmeet gives you $10 off your first order!  If you are interested, I can also email you an invite to try the service for 50% off.  Email me if interested!


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