Someone is turning TWO in 3 days…




What do you think of her running form?! She is quick!

In the past few weeks, I got back into my gym routine! It took me TWO years 🙂  Whewww!!  Love going to the gym in the early morning and seeing people instead of basement workouts!  It feels so much better to be in a routine.  Also with some warm temperatures, I have been able to get in some extra runs in the later mornings with a stroller.

My routine looks like:

Monday – spin

Tuesday – fusion workout – cardio HIIT + Strength

Wednesday – off

Thursday – run/swim

Friday – strength/HIIT circuit

Saturday- fast run with a friend

Sunday – off

I don’t have any races on the calendar but have to get one on there soon! I am more interested in being in shape than running steady state to train for a race 🙂 Anyone in the same boat?




Thoughts went out to Boston Marathon 2013 today, on the one year anniversary.
Before I heard the news, I took this picture last year.


One year ago:



Hoping this year’s race goes smoothly.







  1. Well done for getting back into a routine. I am a year behind you (my third turns 1 next week) and am finding it so hard to get into a groove.

    Races used to be a great motivator for me. Now, I dread the training and find it mentally stressful.

  2. Nooooo – how can she be 2!!!!! I keep coming out in a panic when I realise H will be 2 in October. I still feel like M is 2 as that is what age he was when H was born! Time flies and yet freezes.Glad you’ve got back into a routine. Between juggling exams, work, childcare and catching bug after bug, I’m really in need of getting back into a routine. She is so BEAUTIFUL.

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