Oh hey!!  Where you’ve been????  You ask.

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this sums it up…

I read this post yesterday over at Sisters to Sons and felt like I wrote it myself. I totally cracked up!  My favorite part was the part about going back to work, because I email my husband the same thing at least once a week and thought I was crazy and ridiculous until I read her post.

Anyway, this summer has been crazy! Somewhere along the way, the kids’ “sacred” nap time which I build my schedule around every day has turned into a sh*tshow around here ever since returning from California.  The 3rd child, 2 years old, is so full of energy, started this trend. Not napping.  She fights sleep so she is so sleep deprived that she falls asleep in the car anytime around noon, which means her nap time is in the car. There’s no nap after that for her.  Which means by 5 o’clock (wait who am I kidding, 3 o’clock) I’m going insane! It’s summer! so I have the kids all day everyday, and I’m starting to understand why all the students that I used to teach were sent to camp for weeks and weeks in the summer. I never understood it. I do now!

My days look like this: 

If I don’t get up and out to workout super early, I’m getting a tap by 6:45 by my oldest that it’s time to wake up and go downstairs. And it’s not just a tap but a whine that comes along with it. “I want to go downstairssssss. I have noooottthinnggg to do. Can I play a gammeee on the iPadddd?”  Or I walk in the door and need to shower and am greeted with the whining.  So even though when I’m going to bed I’m thinking “I’m going to be a better mom tomorrow and have more patience,” by 7am I already suck.  The second the youngest is up,  “I want my Babba” is what I hear over and over again.  And my now 4-year old who does not like to eat dinner is ravenous the second she wakes up.  The first thing they want to do is eat.

The players:

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On the left, Oldest Child. 5 years old. Has severe oldest child syndrome. Needs to win every game he plays,  go first at everything and is a HUGE instigator to both sisters.

In the middle, Middle Child.  I have spent the 4 years of her life (Happy 4th Birthday, Kara!) making sure she doesn’t have middle child syndrome because I don’t want her to move away when she is grown up.  Puts everyone else first, always shares…but if she is sleep deprived or hungry, she’s a monster (so am I!)

On the right, the Baby of the Family. 2 years old. Determined. Strong willed. Wants what she wants and will only do everything on her watch.

Back to our morning…

“What are my options?” asks my 4-year old?  So I rattle off the usual – cereal, waffles, yogurt. “I don’t wannnnttt thatttt!!”

So I have to pull the  “Some children have nothing. Be happy that you have food to eat!”
I’m already getting irritated.  Back in the late winter or spring, I created days of the week. Each child has 2 days where they get to sit in the middle, make choices and do things first. Could this have created even more chaos?? “It’s Myyyyyyy DAYYYYY!!”  And then the touching each other’s chair, which turns into hitting each other and fighting. It’s not even 8am yet, is it?

The other day I had to take them all to a doctor’s appointment for my son. I was appalled. They were taking off their shoes, ripping the paper on the exam table, and when the doctor was trying to go over things with me, they were fighting to the point where I couldn’t hear or focus anything he was saying.

Which resulted in this text to my husband.  (Have you found the gun emoticon? My friend showed me where it was in the Emoji keyboard this past weekend. Life changing.  It makes me laugh and smile just sending it.)


Oh and then the male doctor of course went through the, “Aren’t kids GREAT? It’s so good to have kids. If you don’t have kids, who will take care of you when you’re older?”  and as I’m walking out “Take lots of pictures. It goes so fast.”  I was running out of there scolding my kids for their behavior. So that was 9:30am and I was thinking that I could take care of myself when I’m old.

Off to do errands with the kids. Which is always a good time, complaining about walking, fighting over who gets to sit, wanting to touch everything and buy everything in the store.  “Can we get THIS?  you NEVER let us get ANYTHING!”

Nap-time/quiet time (2-3pm) comes and no one is tired, and there’s no way the 2-year old is napping. She doesn’t stay in her room at nap time or bed time anymore. Keep your kids in their cribs until they are 5. Really. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.  For quiet time, praise the Lord! They stay upstairs but are in and out of each other’s rooms.  The 2-year old is still like a one-year old who finds everything you don’t want her to get into – I have to keep an eye on her at all times. She is also teamed up on by the other 2 and constantly crying and screaming NOOOO!! and wanting me to hold her. Good times!

That day, and every other day this week so far ….no one naps, and by dinner time, nothing is right with the world for the girls. And don’t you love when you get the text from your husband that he’s JUST LEAVING when you were hoping he’d be home in about 15 minutes? YEAHHHH…as I’m trying to feed them dinner that they don’t want to eat….again.

So my “quiet” time has been taken. I think that the third child switched my life upside down! By letting her do things that I wouldn’t normally let the others do that were not harmful but still not good things to do, she became a monster!  Oh, did you want to take out every piece of tupperware and dump it onto the floor? How about the bag of cereal? You want to walk around with it and eat out of it?  You want to see if you can open the vitamin jar? Sure. If that gives me 5 minutes, you’ve got it.   And now we have a monster.  Is it crazy that I’m even thinking about having one more?  Life is already chaos anyway. #crazymom #lostmymind

Screenshot 2014-07-16 17.02.24
Thanks for the craft for the 4-year old mom. I could totally handle that one. #worstbirthdaypresentever.  Background – breakfast that’s been sitting there for 10 hours, a coffee pod with a straw in it (Lindsay), beers that my husband drinks to get through the night, all the craft mess and a ton of clean dishes that will sit there for a few more days.

And you would think with no nap, it would be 7:30 and we’d have a quiet house. Nope! The sun is still out, so at bedtime, even after napping, they come out of their room 100 times.  Did you realize that more than one child makes everything exponential? Your food bills, buying things for them (not one beach bucket, but 3!), shoes, and coming out of their room at night. Times 3.

And while I’ve been soaking them up and love them dearly, I’ve also been calling them profanities in my head. 🙂
And that’s where I’ve been. So how’s your summer?
















  1. Hahaha this is me this summer too… But with only 2 kids. I plug andra into the iPad while Nora naps and don’t even care what she’s watching! I just need quiet because that kid never stops talking.

  2. I’m glad you could write this all out and vent- I hear you! It’s hard enough with one, although I am realizing how very easy I have it compared to you these days. 🙂 Not getting any quiet time is the worst!!

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